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Bridles, bridles, reins and accessories help to control and train your horse. The Kincade Raised Cavesson Ii Bridle Black Mini. Buy our SADDLESEAT tacks, show tacks, iods & riding clothes, care products and training equipment.

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British bridles are used to guide British equestrianism. The choice of the right bridles and bridles is very important both for your ride and for the well-being of your equine. In contrast to horseback rides, British horsemen use both the reigns and the feet to steer the rider by having one reign in each of their hands to gain better grip and keep the rider firmer throughout.

Anglophone bridles are equipped with a nosepiece that winds around the horses nostrils and contributes to keeping the mouths closed, unlike those of the West which do not. The bridles are made of traditional leathers, but synthetics are also widely used. The three main kinds of bridles differ in the kind of teeth they use.

These bridles are the norm for novices, but can be used at all horseback stages according to the events. Composed of a simple articulated insert, it can be equipped with different kinds of nosebands. As a rule, the full or Weymouth bridles are only used by experienced horsemen, especially in training.

You use two bites, a bigger kerb bite and a small Bridget bite, which is known as a bridget and is linked to two rein set. It is more difficult to use than a fence but gives the horseman fine controls over the saddle. Bridles without teeth completely eliminate the teeth and trust the headpieces to guide the vault.

The nose band is one of the most important parts of the British broider. They have some important functions: they keep your horse's jaws shut, keep the remainder of the bridles anchored and help to keep the teeth in place. The bridles are usually divided into four different groups. They are not standardized, however, so that a rider wearing a full-fledged harness from one maker may be wearing harnesses from another make.

Bridles can also be selected separately. The noseband and headband may vary in length according to the form of your horse's nose. Bridles are fully customizable, so as long as you are the right height, you can adjust them to your horse's face.

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