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Cathy's Show Equipment Santa Monica Double Ear Headstall. Livestock Grooming for shows. The Ovation halter is available in safety, care and show halter versions. Recent entryMears Pytchley Navy Cut Away Show Jacket. Shown one still has hair on the rawhide.

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Put a spell on your rein, maybe it will make you lucky! Fitted with VenTECH-Technologie. It'?s a good thing my horses are color-blind. Parelli Liberty Savvy Kit contains four essential utilities that will help you connect with your hour while promoting your horse's instincts and improving his self-esteem.

All our weighing braces come with a weighing headpiece, Parelli/Myler bits and finesse reigns that you can tailor to the individuality of your horseĆ¢??s to customise a more self-assured mount and a more restful equestrian journey. Harness Amigo Rosa Jersey Cooler with removable cross strap I love this colour on Tango.

Parelli's leads and canes. A lot of the horses that come to me for practice have behavioural problems where I need to have more controll. Complete Joint Action Formula for Horses contains the same amount of cetylmyristoleate compound as the initial Advanced Action Formula, but has additional properties.

Fitted with VenTECH-Technologie. Equine trailers observation system. I' d be happy if I could keep an eye on my horses! A few where George Morris has a myocardial infarction. Especially since he has a myocardial infarction that only goes beyond the simple blacks!

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Marc Todd Latex Gummi Akupressur schwarze Dressur in the EM. $120 REP, sold for $60 Ono picked up Lilydale. There are many other equine equipment for sale, so please have a look at my other offers. Amazing, safe place for all your equestrian equipment. Collection in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

Yesterday Saskia - ideal holder for adults who want to return to horseback rides... Yesterday Horse/Rider Gear: Hello, I'm fighting with my two horses and I' m going to ride both. We' ve got all the equipment here, all you need is a hard hat. He' s 5 yo 13hhh not sure about his precise race, not even the former owners knew it.

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