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Horse Silver Show Holder with Gold Diamond Overlay. Big Dee's selection of show holders and leads from Tory Leather, Dale Chavez and more. Horse Show Halter Quarter - Tailors The Billy Royal show halter has been the champion's first selection for over 30 years. Billy Royal® created the show halter in 1971, which can still be seen in the stadium today. The Billy Royal® Show Halter has been adorned for more than 30 years.

Your world-class show halter for the horse is made of handmade, handmade luxury heavy weight genuine calfskin with handmade engraving in stereo silv.

Besides the attractive styling that emphasizes the horse's inherent qualities, these are hard-working, long-lasting show holsters made for practicality and comforts. The first impression is very important, especially at a show-off. Breathtaking show halter will help you and your mare to radiate refinement, elegance and self-confidence.

More than just pretty, these extraordinarily well-designed Billy Royal Show Halter. They are made from high-quality, hand-picked skins that have been grated and lubricated by hands to enhance their inherent beauti-fil. Wrapped gorges are handmade to match any type of horses, with yearlings, small and full size in most popular designs.

The halter also has a dual side adjuster, an adjusting kerb and an esophagus. Certain mock-ups have robust high-grade metal bezels, kerb and slit clasps. Raleigh show halter for beginners are made of hand-tanned and lubricated, high-quality genuine leathers, etched sterling silver plated inlays with embossed jewelry bronzes or hand-engraved golden inlays in the southwest.

Just like our Billy Royal show halter, they have a coiled neck, an oesophagus that can be adjusted and a double-adjustable kerb, as well as long-lasting high-grade metal ring and fittings. To these models belongs a show line with necklace. Exercise holsters are a good way to train new showmen. You can help the rider to find the right framework and reactivity for his/her further development.

Dura-Tech® woven high strength Dura-Tech woven Nylons, Lips String Stallion Leashes and suitable Chromium Chain Leashes to supplement all types of Billy Royal holders.

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