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The English bits are horse bits used in English riding. B. No horse may only be shown with a snaffle bit, breast plate, holding-down device or martingale. Decent English bits (the list is not exhaustive of what is allowed). Here is a short guide about horse parts and how to select them.

Review the requirements for equestrian tournaments.

The Brookside Horse Bits for horses and horses

Beautifully designed, well-balanced rust-free high-grade and nickel-plated. 7-1/2 " relaxed cheek, 5" jaw with 7/16" barrel, inserted brass and 1-1/4" vertical bucket for the reed press to adjust the horse's heads. Beautiful bridles made of high-grade steal with 8" turning cheek, 5" jaw and unfolded bridle-eye.

These 3/8 " strips are inserted in brass and give a front elevation. Restricted travels prevent the bridle from applying overpressure to the outer rods. Soother for the jittery horse and exerts a certain amount of reed force for a better headset. 6-1/2 " jaws made of rustproof high-grade metal.

5 " balanced muzzle is made of conical cupre. Keeps the horse's jaws wet and is a very pleasant piece. Appealing high-grade steal with nickel engraving. "9 "9" looser jaws shaped to avoid tipping of the teeth. "5 "5" has 7/16 " bars with inserted cooper, open circular connection with fluted cooper roll on the back of the connection.

Scooter calms the anxious horse and provides reed press to help the horse make the choice. It has a tall smooth surface which becomes "rusty" when used. "6 "6" panning jaws and 5" jaw. This is a very beautiful, pinch-free, 5 " cheekbones, stainless stell workout bite. To keep the horse's jaws wet, the lips are unburdened (bent) and covered with cup.

Much more reactive than a rejuvenated lips, but less reactive than a turned bridle. Three-ring rotating shaft, rust-proof, with blackened side rails and jaw. "8 "8" jowls, 5" jaw with 3/8" embossed sticks, inserted brass. Pivot and ring made of high-grade steal. Pinchlessbits to press the lips on the opposite side of the face.

"3 "3" high-grade sheet metal cheek pieces. The" Suet Irish 5" mouths have been equipped with cup rolls to give the horse a sweet-sour flavour and soothe it. It' very convenient for the horse to grab. 3-1/2 " high-grade and 5 " cooper jaws is " tapers and relieves. It has a leather-clad metal lug.

It has 8 " stainless and a 4 1/2 " ferrous bridle opening, which gives the powerful runner a bit. Developed for the horse for better monitoring or correcting. 7/16 " sweep irons provide more body and a better feeling for the horse. Curved reliefs are very simple for the horse to grab.

"3 "3" high-grade sheet metal cheek pieces. This is a very favourite bridle-piece. 8 " cheek pieces provide good lever action for monitoring and are engineered to keep the horse's teeth from leaking. "5 "5" cute, nickel-plated brass tip with a 1-1/2 " pivot connection to increase reed headset reed press for a better headset.

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