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You will find horses that have already participated in tournaments. There are both western show horses and horses competing in English disciplines. She is in training with and under the direction of Mike and May Edwards Quarter Horses LLC. Originally started as a leisure horse, he has a lot of experience in group riding. Deals Horse have many high quality show horses for sale in Australia.

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We specialise in performing horses. Of course we have English, Reiner, Kutter, Stablepferde, Trailpferde etc. Sale of weaners up to old show horses. Zip Chocolate Chip, Zippo Pine Bar, Zippos M. Good Bar, Investor, One Hot Krymson, Sonny Dee Bar, Good Asset, M. Moxie Man, M. Norfleet, Red sonny Dee, Potential Investment, Zippos Sensation, HBF Iron Man, Invesitation Only, Hot Rodders Jet Set, Hollywood Dunit, Sailing Smart, Cowboy Jack, Cash Us, Peptopbonsmal, Peppy San und vielehr.

Specialized in AQHA horses. Breeding, breeding and training amusement, Englishs, Dressage, Rainers, Cutter, Stablehorses, Trailhorses etc. Sale of weaners up to old show horses.

Precious Sun VA

Superb atheletic, despite looking horse with a lot of horsepower. Began his show career in 2018 in Show Hack and is a naturaly! Thrilling 4 years old who has an unbelievable setting. Love to show! Excellent hunter's joy gelding, suited for every older ham. Thrilling yearling filly full of good breeding qualities! Big, 3 year old foal, beginning to carry turn, western-perspective.

Thrilling 3 year old horse under horseback and with great talent for the West's amusement department. Unbelievably breeded filly, which is begun under the horse and has a great deal of talent for the West's amusement department. Nominated Half-Arabian Buckskin Wallach, AWPA Eligible, Unbelievably farmed horse, which is launched under horseback and has great growth prospects for the West Division.

A very pretty horse, packed with quails!

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  • FOR-SALE:: Please do not hesitate to ask Jessica (740-361-9411) for horses not on the website! Several horses for rent! For more information on how to sell a stallion, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jessica! Reduced prices for horses with tournament records! 3 year old Gelding by Iron Age from Count Every Knight.

Tower's got off to a great flying start and is now set to finish. Becomes a great British or over fence view and will be the right altitude to a competitively priced all-around horseman! CONGRATS GRACE SOLD! "Saxby " 2009 OQHA 17. of These Irons Areot!

SXZBY is a reliable fighter under saddles with many great characteristics! Showmanship and Equitation, Startted Over Fances and change of leadership! You have many options with this one! Might make an excellent steed over a fence!! Sounds, in shape and operational! NOT FOR SALE! Solid Congrats Deb Mills, We look forward to keep Miles in the shed!

Wonderful 2010 bay stallion with a love of attentiveness, named Knap on! mahogany, holster, fun, horseback ride, horse-semanship, trail, ranching and has a wire flight-alteration! He' s really specialized and has his open and non-professional Rome in the game. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DORSEY-SERIES FOR BUYING SNAPS.

"Cooper " March 2014 by Hot Diggity Joe out of She Be Good To Go(Good Version). He has the look, structure and mindset of a great show perspective. Its powerful topline and shallow feet make it a great westernerly delight or an all-rounder! CONGRATS KIM! SOLD! He is a 2012 foal by A Dream Remembered!

CONGRATULATIONS TO NAOMI FROM CANADA! This is an 2002 Radical rodent horse by Zippos Mr. Goodbar damline. And Ozzie is funny, adorable and a great showgirl. and was ninth in the aftrah Nation at Green Senior Western pleasure. Also competing in showsmanship, amusement, halter, horse-semanship, riding, fighter under horseback and has a on the fly leadership-shift.

He' a great steppingstone to the AQHA course! And Ozzie is healthy, in shape and willing to show! CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE NEW KENTUCKY NAME! Ranked among all 6 at the SOQHA Madness in March Show 3/30/14 in Juniors andGreenHus! This year AQHA Gelding by Don't Skip Zip out of a Simply Hoot mam.

"Ryder " is a big, powerful 3 year old that is calmer than any other animal I've had in the shed. He will continue on his way to becoming a showhorses. He' ll be able to grab the English and swing to the West. Congratulations to the Bradley family!

10-year-old Gelding by A Good Machin. Showcased in the West, horse back riding, hunters under the horse-riding. He knows a lot about carnival and clues. $7,500 UP!! Congratulations, Kathy and Hailey! Hatchery 2007 Indy Artifacts 2007 out of an invitational only filly by Indy Artifacts. "Browneing " has points in the hunters under the horse, is willing to show in equestrian sports and shows great potentials for show jumps and the art of riding.

A great steed and a thief at SOLD! CONGRATS MEAGHAN! He' scores points under horseback every week-end!

Willing to show in the cavalry and began on fencing, horse-semanship and even showingmanship. SALES Congratulations to the Querrys! 24. May 2013 by Iron Age out of a Chips Count Chocula filly by Thorsten Mueller. He' ll only be selling to a show house! $7,500 SOLD congratulations, Kara!!! Himmler is a 2009 OHK Krymsun Zip out of a Zips Chocolate Chip filly, who was a performance horse (45. 5 points) "Snickers" is a wonderful filly with great exterior, 10+jogger, correct lop and excellent topline.

It has been launched gradually and comes along in amusement, in the art of horseback rides, in westernriding and in showing maneuver. Sell them! Sweet SĂ©rieusement Sweet- 2007 Triple Recorded Mar ! She is a filly with Paint, Pinto and Quarter Horses. She' s Green Broke, but she' s willing to show herself in the whale trot area. Lovingly, trainably, healthy, healthy and a very beautiful steed in the shed!

She' going to be a great all-round pony and then a great complement to a breed-programme! SOLD!! Congratulations to Sam Korna on your buy, we are looking forward to Emma's cute newborns! AQHA Bay gelding by Vested Assets out of a Rodeo Jack filly. "DJ " is a cute, lovable fellow who's willing to take a sideline.

It was easily shown in westerly joy, horzemanship and trails. $6, 000 approved!!!! born in 2004 by Good Version. It has been shown mainly at open shows, but knows how to do the art of riding, hunting under the saddle, equestrian sports, show art and trails. She' s willing to be the next all-round talent!

Sell them! Congratulations to the Priore family! "Casey " is a 1998 acqha filly with a great show track history, 120. get 5 points for your game! At the Novice Youth Showmanship Congress she was Reserve Champion, 3. in the Team and 3. in the final under horse. Last year she won at almost every open exhibition and collected points at every shown week-end.

She' really a great beginner pony! Case is in shape and all set for today's show! It also has points in the art of riding and has even been shown in the West. She' d also make a good walk-trotter because not only is she a good long trotter, she can also go jogging, so she can go on and train the child how to do it!

She' really a great beginner pony! Sell them! Congratulations Stephanie and many thanks to her! It was Willy Be Mare. She' an excellent hiking and all-rounder. Excellence in showingmanship, horsesemanship, equitation and almost done in trails! Owner subsidiary sustained an accident in March and has ceased interest in horses.

She is a great filly and willing to show! SALES!!!!! Congratulations to the new owners Hannah Jackson. That great dude was the ideal familyride. He' always a champion in the world of showsmanship and walking trab, this man has only had 75 days of practice and is already a champion! It must be done, but it has a good launch and is prepared to continue.

He only sells because he turns into a neighbourhood horse and "Max" can't go to the exhibitions! It is the best showsmanship and westerly fun, but is also in the equestrian art, hunters under the yoke and trails underway! SELLS!!!!!!!!!

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