Show Jump Fillers for Sale

Fountain pen for sale

Auction and classifieds website for sale on Trade Me, New Zealand. Fountain pens - Boards - Poles - Wings - Prefabricated Jumps - Jump Builder and Design Studio - Cups. It can be used with wings and poles or alone as wings and jump.

Sheeves and fillers

The PVC product line is suitable for equestrian centres as well as private use. It will not only make your stadium look good, but the various fillers will also give you and your horses a good exercise for show Jump. While our lightweight twin-shell, foam-sided bowls are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use, our high class selection of soundproof, pressure-resistant bowls is used for show jumpers throughout South Africa.

Various other types of PVC fillers are available, such as: fillers (conical and curved), sheet fillers, solar fillers, chemrons, bridge (wall and closed), aqueduct (open, enclosed and triangular). We manufacture our wooden diving gear for use in stepped and non-stepped pitches, practice pitches and more.

Springing fillers

Springfüller are manufacturer and supplier of high class jumping horses, each fountain pen is unique and available in different size to meet all riding skills. Long-lasting, inexpensive vaulting in light, genuine design. pony-jump for sale for our minispringer, light, funny & creepy design for your stadium.

Every jump is custom made and finished with high grade material from trustworthy regional vendors. Fountain pens are available in all dimensions and are suitable for rods from 60cm to 1.2m (see images for examples.) 1ft/ 30cm, 1ft 6"/ 45cm, 2ft/60cm, 2ft 3"/ 70cm, & 80cm.

Fountain pen for jumping horses

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