Show Jumping Bridle

jumping bridle

On your way to the show ring, the hunting ground or down the path? Take a look at our bridles, we have something for everyone. Deluxe leather bridles for your four-legged friend. A prestigious jump bridle without reins.


Select from our extensive range of bridle sets for training, events, jumping and fun. Unusual processing with delicate seams and meticulous attention to detail make Horze snaffles outstanding in terms of qualitiy and workability. Riding, hunting, jumping, training and show jumping are available in a range of colours from pale to deep brown leathers in top-grade.

It is a perfect choice for a classical halter or bridle with smooth, velvety rein and a jet dark color. Stylish seams and subtle, filigree details make show fringes for huntsmen or riders something special. Softly lace-up rein and slim nose straps, headbands and cheeks give these fences a subtle and ingenious look.

Versatility and jumping toe bridle offers a choice of choices such as flashing or Fig. 8 noseband and rein in woven or elastic designs. Horses are also available for special kinds of sport and contain many accessoires for everyone. Teethless fences are a smart choice for the biteless bridle.

Pony-fringes are available in the same excellent qualities as all Horze-fringes. Horze bridles' material and hardware are of unsurpassed standard and, with the right maintenance, will last for years.

At the centre of the deliberations for a new bridle design was the sensible mind of the equine.

At the centre of the deliberations for a new bridle design was the sensible mind of the equine. Aim was to create a scale that provides the highest level of carrying convenience for the equine by completely redesigning the scale. Its nose-band is curvilinear and avoids the very delicate cranial artery "facial nerve" as far as possible.

This means that no force is applied to this vein and the gallbladder is also not subjected to any force. With the new position of the "EQUITUS" bridle lightning harness you can breathe without restrictions.

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