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There is a selection of jumping poles, in different lengths and designs. The JUST POLES + Show Jumps, Gloucester, United Kingdom. HIGH-QUALITY WOOD JUMPS IN ALL DEGREES OF DIFFICULTY. Use of Flexy Jump Rods: . For this reason, further rods were added and fillers were used.

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Our jumping sticks are made of high-quality, UV-resistant Polypropylen. Every pole has been developed specifically for its use. They are also glued, but without inlaid wood. This poles are perfect for our poles. There is also a wide offer of jumpers for sal.

The poles act like a traditionally lacquered wood stick without the apparent disadvantages: no breaking (an essential security feature), no decay or repaint. Each of our cracks is made with the best material for variety and longevity. Many of our leaps are in store, but we can also create one-of-a-kind leaps according to your wishes.

Flexy Jump foam rods by Michel Robert

New pedagogical approach to training horse and rider: For many years now, Flexy Jump poles have been tried and used by Michel Robert and are the essential tools for the training of his horse and his students..... Flexy Jump poles Flexy Jump poles are used to educate the horse and rider. They' re very versatile: The use of Flexy Jump rods:

The Flexy Jump advantages. Security: Made of a very flexible plastic flexy jump poles prevent the trauma caused by bumps with conventional wood sticks. Equestrians can run or landing on Flexy Jump poles without the least risks, enabling a greater diversity of training facilities. Lightweight: Its low mass makes it remarkably easy to use, even when the horseman is alone, and must switch poles while he holds the stallion on one side.

Solidness: Flexy Jump poles made of a non-rotting material can remain in the sea or sludge without being affected.

Favourable jumping sticks

I' ve been asking myself if it would be possible to get cheap spring sticks? I' m targeting to buy some poly-jump or WB Stubbs jumping clusters for use on the livevery yard, but the posts are as costly as that every buck at £22. 00 each!!!! So, I thought, if it is less costly and above all OK to import and maybe use a length of pipes or a wood post (without pile end) - is it OK to do that?

but you can get bungee sticks much more cheaply from your wood dealer. 2. 75m (9ft?) £6. 99 each Drainpipe x 2. when you buy 5 from Wickes. Just about what Jiouxles said - drainpipes are great masts. Or, you could just go to a lumber dealer and buy some long uprights.

I' ve got 10 8ft 6inch Square poles and they are large although they are a little heavier. Squared bars are no longer a challenge. When you receive wood poles, make sure you are painting them as quickly as possible and they will last for years. I' m another guy who uses nylon tubes, but I have some inexpensive colored ribbons to embellish mine.

Thought about the drain pipe thing and think that might sound like a great plan, try looking around this week-end. I used drain pipes at my last yard and then got a few cans of color from the poundshop - they usually have the noisy colors that no one would put on their walls, and so theyre tense for poles.

Terrific ideas Kate, I'll go to our pound store and see if I can find some noisy and awful colors to do them! I' m using cheap duct tapes to color drain posts and fill them with a little amount of sands just enough for them not to blast about in the breeze and hold the sands when using duc-tape. You can get small 10inch adhesive back small tile in various colors that you can wrap around the post, theyre about a 1 each but are just the right width and stick at good.

Especially interested, as I'm looking for some bungee poles too. In the past I have used whistles and forest piles, both without any problem, but wood piles are not. While I let it be known to all of my boyfriends and relatives that if they fought what to buy me for birthdays, xmas etc. then some poles would be very much cherished.

I now have a full polypole and my favourite present is a multi-jump wing! we used a synthetic tube on my old farm. A piston ended up on one and it broke into hot chunks. Fortunately nothing was cutting into it, but I would always put something over it that couldn't slit the hot rim.

I' m thinking if you wrap the poles in those big tacky back tile or leaves, would it make them more secure?

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