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Dojinghut Charles Owen XP Juniors. Hats for use in equitation. Dojinghut Charles Owen XP Juniors.

Jumping Hats

We are there for you from the boot to the jumping cap, so that you have the best selection. This is a wearable and protected riding cap that can be used in competitive clothing. There is a wide selection of riding caps that meet these requirements. We offer riding hats for jumping from various renowned equitation labels.

The prizewinning jumping cap is a designer classics in a very tradional form. Showjumper XP has a thick, velvety nap coating that creates the eternal sophistication you would have expected from such a high-quality riding cap. Champion CPX3000D Deluxe Jumping Hats bring the latest technologies into our traditions. Shiny lines of the cap comply with the jumping clothing regulations and continue the rider headgear's look.

Made from an injection-moulded shell, this riding aid offers you all-round body and remarkable weight. This classical look is refined with an appealing velvety covering.

Safety and your mind - BTTA

As a consequence, the norm has lost its "presumption of conformity" to the PPE-guideline. That means that hats can no longer be labelled with the CE mark according to EN 1384. Consequently the British equestrian federations have amended their regulations, for a complete listing of the 2018 Hats Regulations please click here. To hear an audio review of Claire Williams talking about various topics such as security and the new Hats Norms, click here.

As with most riding apparel, the style of riding caps has its origins in a fusion of traditional and practical. We also have riding hats associated with army clothing, some of which can still be seen on opportunities such as the opening of Parliament. They are often spectacularly different from what we know as traditional civil rider headwear, but each style can be attributed to a combat role or ranking or regiment.

Today, of course, security is paramount. Producers must also take into account that drivers must be able to see and listen clearly to increase their driving enjoyment. Comforts are another demand, which is why hats and hats are available in a variety of different helmet styles for all people.

Before hats became a synonym for security, it was regarded as a "bad form" for both genders to go bareheaded in society. The queen wore a scarf and many working horses trained dangerous race horses in shallow beanies. Riding hats keep you hot in winters, while ventilated versions provide cool ness and shelter.

The hatmakers have made great advances in harness technique to offer every driver a selection of differently formed and large, comfy, light, intelligent and even colorful heads. In order to test their inventiveness even further, these producers must also develop and manufacture hats that comply with the various security norms, each of which require special protection functions at certain points.

For this reason, some styles appear more traditionally, while others are limited by the default to which they conform. The perhaps greatest transformation in contemporary headwear came when the safety belts became a demand of all common norms. The etiquette for the right choice, e.g. in the show ring, and the observance of the regulations of certain riding events are valid when selecting a riding school.

It is only the official British law for riding hats that requires all drivers under 14 years of age to be wearing a helmet that is at least EN1384 (the EU standard) when riding on highways. It is also the fundamental minimal requirement for most types of riding. In addition, various occupational and occupational hygiene and security standards for employees working with equestrian sports also govern the motor sport world.

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