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Stage Jumps for sale in Australia

The shipping costs apply to all jumping equipment. vaults About 15 years ago we began to sell our Ferrari platform starts. Ron Ferrari created the platformer. There was a need for an easily moving and multi-purpose leap that could be used instead of blades that would allow the instructor to make different jumps without a set-up team having to move the jumps.

Ferrari and Horseland were the first to sell the Ferrari Jewelry Start, which is still offered by Saddleworld, Horseland and other independant stores. He has a great deal of industry expertise and is still looking for ways to improve our product and our commercial skills. He is still creating some of the smaller articles like Ferrari boat holders, Ferrari Cones, Ferrari tools holders, Ferrari pails, Ferrari Tracking und Jeep Cup and Ferrari Caveletti's.

Unc Unconfirmed knows how to create a long lasting solution and what kind of material to use to create a good looking solution for the Aussie environment.

Ovarite Jumping Gear

Diving outfit in case you just want to get out and dive! It is our goal to make sure everyone jumps securely with a variety of diving gears for every budget, from $35 to complete arenaspacks. Powder -coated aluminium platform and stand; not too weighty, not too lightweight, and no corrosion, rotting or-termite !

The splints are Aussie pine varnished in durable enamelled colour. Bring in Ovarit ! The Ovarit Jumps is on holiday from April 30 to May 11. At Ovarit Jumps we are working in the pre-Christmas period. The name of Kim Lindsay Equestrian Jump Gear is now Ovarit Jumps !

im Lindsay Equestrian will remain responsible for Coach, Train, Course Building and Judging and Events Management, but Jump Gear will sell....


So what is skydiving? Show jumps are probably the best known of the FEI-approved riding sports in which men and men participate on an equal footing in both one-on-one and crew-to-games. Horses and riders must take a course of 10 to 13 jumps in today's show jumps, the aim of which is to test the ability, precision and workout of the combo.

Punishments are imposed if part of an obstruction is hit or the rider rejects a leap. There are two kinds of scorings tables used for most competitions: The most commonly used rating chart is chart A. Each error is penalized by a certain number of sanctions.

A second blockage or rejection, as well as any crash, will remove the horseman and the vault. It will be classified according to the sanctions achieved. Often several horsemen manage to jump a clear lap. There are two ways to do this: If the contest does not involve a jump-off, the contestant with the quickest winning times will win.

Whoever wins is the one with the least fines that have accrued over the course, and if there is a tie, the decisive point is timing. Contests assessed according to Table C are referred to as velocity contests, as they are classified according to age only. The errors that have occurred are calculated in seconds and the amount of laps is added up.

Table A allows one lap; drivers who do not finish their lap in the permitted amount of lap times will be penalized with one error per four seconds overtime. Regardless of the table category, there is a timeout within which the round must be concluded; if the timeout is exceeded, this will result in exclusion.

FEI World Cup Jumping is a 13 league event on all five corners of the globe. Top-ranked driver of each session will be called to the World Cup finals. Australian Jumping Championships 2018 will be taking place in Victoria, Boneo Park from November 7-11, 2018. Please click HERE to see the results of Pryde's EasiFeed Australian Showjumping Championships 2017.

By 2018, Ecuestrian Australia will again host the Aussie Young Rider Selection series. Coming from all states, the course uses a standardized course developed by one of Australia's foremost course designer. Australasia is a skilled country. A total of 25 countries from all over the world have already qualifed and will take part in the jumping events, the only event dedicated to horse riding and one of the 32 disciplines on the agenda for this third round of the four-yearly Olympic Youth Week.

Holders of non-Australian ponies importing into Australia must present the responsible EA State Branch with documents regarding the horse's show jumper performance to date, if the automated assignment is not appropriate. In order to register, please fill in the following form and hand it in to your national representative when registering the first time.

EA Riders' 2009 event took place on September 14, 2017 at the Australian Showjumping Championships in Werribee Park, the transcript can be found here: As a Jumping Officer, click below to go to your specific page:

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