Show Jumps for Sale Ireland

Horseshoe-show jumps for sale in Ireland

Jumps for sale, Wicklow & Dublin Jump numbers and synthetic markings for training. The Jump Number Marker is the logical evolution of the elite marker. Our purpose-built and strong designs make Summit marks simple to wear, robust for all floor situations and simple to keep in good condition for cleaning and maintenance. The numberset consists of an easily carried numberset 1 - 12 with 2 x A and 1 x W and 1x C and costs 180,00 Euro inclusive TV.

Also we deliver the numbers of jumps.

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Equestrian jumps are designed for many workouts. They can be used as a filling rod. Produced from UV-stabilized Polyethylen, the jumping bar profiles are long living and longliving. The bungee sticks give the look of a traditionally decorated wood stick without the apparent disadvantages.

They have a 100 mm diametre and 800 mm length. They' re conceived to inspire the rider to raise his leg clean. Handlebars are available in different colors.

jump design

The design of genuine parts makes our equestrian and equestrian equipment both interesting and demanding. In fencing design, Séamus often shared his thoughts with the famous coach and former Olympic athletes Jack Doyle and Tom Holden, the well-known intern. Using its building sector expertise, Zeamus produces the highest possible level of product from the best available resources.

Marineplywood is used in all three layers of oils with satined surface. This material contributes to the strength and durability of the blades and filling material. 10mm padding protects all plinths from soil moisture, which increases the strength of the blades and filling material.

We develop and test solid and wearable cross-country jumps. This countryside fence helps with practice in the stadium and in the countryside. Currently a full leap is being produced for the Dublin Horse Show 2012, which was specifically created by Seamus for the Dublin Show and demonstrates both his creative skills and the excellence of his work.

New leaps are being developed all the time and our product portfolio is being expanded. You can paint all jumps as you like, the colors used are just one example of the choices that can be used. When you have an ideas you would like to see constructed or decorated, we will be happy to help you.

We can offer your company sponsorship leaps - give your company the advantage by sponsorship of a leap into your own riding school.

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