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The Canberra Bird Club Bird Show & Sale. Jumping trailer for the Berrima District Pony Club The Berrima District Pony Club

au has been equipped with two specially developed and produced jumping pendants by Dean Loader. The semitrailers are built and assembled on the tarpaulin semitrailer No. 17, where the inclination and platforms have been removed, a specially adapted bottom, an additional axis and the landing gear underneath.

Rods are safely attached with stitch ends and detachable pegs to provide reliable transportation. An end-to-end grid on one side provides space for smaller filling quantities and a closable container on the drawbar for storing pots and figures safely. They are equipped with ALKO single -wheel mounts made of elastomer, which provide years of maintenance-free operation and mechanic overrun braking that allows most cars to use them.

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We' re going to make some great deals and are looking forward to showing you some of our latest arrival! Sponged drivers kill it on the FEI World Eventing Athlete Ranking. At the moment Chris Burton is in second place and Shane Rose in twenty-five. Visit us this week-end at the Gatton World Cup Show Jump.

Thursdays August 2 to Sunday August 5: The Gatton Showgrounds, Gatton, Queensland. Congratulations to all the ponies out there.

2011 NSW Jumping Title - XPIC

Show jumps are without doubt the most favourite, international riding event and an interesting and worthwhile activity for all ages and abilities. Glamor and suspense are two essential components of any successfull sports and show jumps is a sports full of actions, suspense, devotion and glamor. It' a sports in which men and woman can participate on the same conditions and champion athletes of all ages can reach their objectives.

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LONTIMULAR SHIPMENT lontimular shipment - For all orders over $150, except large, heavier or bulkier articles, which are billed at a $25 lump sum. The goods will, if possible, be sent by Australia Post Express Post. Allow up to 7 working day for stocked goods to be delivered within Australia once your goods have been shipped.

If you have any questions about ordering internationally, please do not hesitate to do so. Saddleworld Dural shall not be responsible for the lost or damaged shipments supplied by Australia Post or couriers. If you wish to modify or terminate your order, please call us immediately at (02) 9651 2337.

As soon as your goods have been shipped, we are no longer able to make changes or cancelling the order. The shipping costs are non-refundable. If you have a suspicion that your products are defective, please do not hesitate to do so.

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