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Individual horse jumps made of real wood are surprisingly inexpensive. You don't like any of the jump designs shown in our online gallery? About JP Ecuestrian - Online Shop With this know-how and comprehensive research, we have developed and manufactured a wide variety of multi-purpose, secure and long-lasting diving gear to satisfy the needs of our clients. The best in the industry, ideal for use in smaller colleges. Giving your horses the best opportunity to compete in the show arena or eventing arena.

Light up your stadium or show center! Ideal for preparing the horse and pony for any show!

Outstanding with Custom Horse Jumps

You' re gonna need some made-to-measure jumps. Customer-specific jumps are one of the best ways to promote your company and make a good first impact. User-defined jumps give you a degree of refinement that is just not offered by default jumps. Default jumps are all the same, but customized jumps can be adorned with your own company logos, schools colours or other favorite colours and patterns.

We offer our customised jumps in a variety of colours and styles well above those of off-the-shelf jumps. We' ve developed customized jumps for Wake Forest, the University of Richmond and more. Individual jumps are also a good way to promote your company or your supporters and to win extra supporters for your event.

You don't like any of the skydiving themes shown in our online album? One of the greatest advantages of user-defined jumps is that you can have any styles, layouts and colours. All our bespoke jumps are made of genuine timber, so you don't have to worry about the inconvenience and even the risks of more costly vinyls.

The horse respects genuine timber jumps and is easy to maintain and fix. There is no need to fear that the jumps will splinter and fragments of vinyls will fit into your horse's feet. You don't have to use nasty sand bags to prevent our jumps from flying around in a heavy breez. Stable customized jumps remain on their own.

Many of our jumps are made of post-consumer timber, so they are the durable one. If you need jumps, don't go generically. They need jumps with which you can make an impact both with the viewers and with the supporters.

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