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Making a photo that will sell

Every so often, I shudder my mind when I browse through the advertisements on the Internet and in journals. Photographs that appear in many advertisements make it almost inconceivable to judge the qualities of a particular animal. Horses stand in an unsightly corner (and are often dirty). What can you hope to do?

Like in the show-pen, the first impressio n is important. Also, with an ad (online or otherwise), this first experience is usually a photograph. Above is an example of how to "dispose of" a stallion. There are distractions in the background: a canine, a car, a golfer's carriage, barnyard candles - all this "stuff" removes what the salesman is trying to present.

Heavily cloudy weather makes the lights grey and blunt, which in turn makes the horses appear blunt. Imagine a super miniature girl on a newspaper cover: It will always be on the side of the screen that makes the style look good; more about the lighting in a second. Distraction and lights aside, this stallion is quite literally ready to look shit!

He was standing in front of the horses horses backside, and the rear lefthand part of the animal is overshot. Also, the right hindquarters are too far forward. Its poor angulation, paired with the way its backs are placed, makes the back of the salmon look much longer and deeper than it is.

He has a high skull and throat, which reinforces the feeling that his shoulders are upright. Yes, that's the same one in the picture above. First we cut his snout, ear, bridles and the long hair on his thighs. Eventually - and this is the wrench - we found a neat holster with clear sterling and made sure it was correctly attached to his skull.

When you don't have a sterling steel holster and can't rent one to turn, a neat, well-fitting strap made of genuine leathers, nylons or ropes works. "Well fitting " means that the clasp lies against the horse's ears, the throat lies under the cheek and the nose band lies about half way between the eyes and nostrils.

When we spilled the horse, we were waiting for good lighting. It happens in the "golden hours": in the early mornings or evenings, when the star is low in the skies and everything is bathed in a gold candle. Shooting in the midday would make the direct solar radiation too "hot"; it is not gold, but rather strong and throws strong shadow.

Once the lights were right, we took the colt to an area with a plain and appealing backdrop. We had a place with a lot of cathedrals, but you don't need flowering cathedrals for an appealing backdrop. Simply make sure that the backgrounds you select are clear and concise so that they are not distracted by your horses.

Look for backgrounds such as logs or fencing poles that seem to be growing out of parts of the horse's skull. Our walrus is placed with his backs directly under his back. See the differences in the look of his back - it doesn't look as long and low as in the first one.

It is my pleasure to put the front right foot in front of the right foot so that it does not look from the side as if a steed had only one foot. Bottom of both feet are still right under him, which shows the slant of his shoulders. Eventually the photo was taken opposite the horse, so that the steed was in the middle of the lense.

Waving a cloth to pull up his ear (a pail of food works well too), we took the bullet when his skull was at a normal height, showing the length and form of his throat. A painting sometimes says more than a thousand words. Avila has also won three NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurities, the NRHA Futurity and two World's Greatest Horseman Cups.

Mr. Horseman was awarded the AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year Award.

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