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Perhaps your weary boots have given out. Or, perhaps your new riding disciplines require a different set of boots than the ones you are in. They go to the shops and go into the alleys of boots in order to be surprised by the variety of style, colours, function and "technique". An excellently suited for one use can be unpleasant, insufficient or hazardous to something else.

We asked producers, dealers and sport doctors what drivers need to know in order to make a secure and appropriate choice of shoes. While there is no question that style is a key element in the choice of style, all our specialists are agreed that the most important parts of a good boots are not necessarily conspicuous or even obvious.

Firstly, not all boots - even if manufactured by reputable brands - are conceived in such a way that they can be inserted into a stapes. You can find well-liked and comfy boots that have the ideal shape to walk all days through barn, field, car washes, and highways. You may also have a good knuckle brace and a shape that makes you look like a riding boots, but sitting on a saddle is not your task.

Annie Barrios of Ariat International for example: "The Fatbaby and Gembaby models are not recommendable because of the outer soles of the lie. These types of outsoles make it harder for the driver to get in and out. "She added that her "Pro Baby" boots have a "smooth soleplate on which to climb", are licensed for riding and are eligible for National High School Rodeo ropé.

" He' never seen boots with a lie sole wore in a contest. The contestants need boots that are made for their particular event, and the sole straps carry the danger of getting caught in stapes. Dover Saddlery, a dealer for British show discipline, emphasises emphatically: "All riding boots should have a clear step to prevent the feet from sliding through the stapes.

" Justin Boots fire marketing director Louis Rousso adds: "The right mix of profile and sales must be a question of security right from the start. "A lot of boots have a considerable sloping or piled shoulder, he stresses, to keep one of the boots from going all the way through a slant.

And Rousso also says that many drivers favour a genuine leathersole because "it is light and light and gives a good feeling for the stapes. "If a rope treads on its stapes, for example to cast, the running surface provides additional tractive effort. A lot of shoemakers have designed different kinds of advanced inner supporting system to dampen and stabilise the heel.

A riding boots was by nature unpleasant on the floor for many years. All those of us who have been suffering can say: blessed the bootsmen! High boots are not just a question of style. According to Rousso, the key benefit of the short, laced boots is that they provide more knuckle-supporting features than pull-ons.

Ever-popular copers (which averaging 10 inch tall) are comfy because the boots feel most like a pair of shoes. It is particularly well suited as an entry into westerns boots. "Whilst westerns can have endless heights, British boots are either high or high. High boots are divided into garment boots and boots for the fields.

The large crack at the tip is a striking indication of an ill-fitting boots. Dressing boots have nothing to do with dresses. Remember "military dresses blues" for festive events. Clothes boots have a clear, sleek line with no needless detailing to divert the eyes. Dover's Cyndy Miller recommends that training boots (which now sometimes have robust zips in the back to facilitate both fitting and foot entry and exit) are suitable for either competition use.

It warns that a horseman with an extraordinarily high arches may be able to wear a conventional boots, so he may need a zippered one or use a pair of boots. Military boots have a hunting ground lineage, with a lace-up waist, which simplifies the fitting, although these boots can also have a back-zip.

The Miller says that boots are the favourite styles for the hunter/jumper ring. Contemporary high boots usually have a curving top on the outside. "The Swagger tabs," shorts of pale hide hanging from the outside of the boots, are fashionable and "are now often even sewn off because too many folks tear them off when they use them instead of hook boots to put on their boots," says Miller.

High boots can be both costly and relatively hard to get on, but dock and/or jodhpurs are relatively new. Paddocking boots can be tied, zip-fastened or elastically pulled. Cuddly, continuous shootgun design can provide extra strength to the legs when wearing with high heels.

Or Miller proposes that the look, comfort and safety of a high boots can be accomplished by the addition of half chops that tear over the calves like a tight-fitting gait. A number of boots have half caps which mix so well that they are almost impossible to distinguish from a traditional high boots.

There' s also a pair of walking / paddocking boots, which some call "riding boots". Wearing half a chap, boots like Ariat's Terrain range have become a favourite with leisure-time, endurance runners (who often descend and run alongside their horses on uneven ground), for some training sessions and for others who want a varied, light and breathe.

In the last years artificial boots have enormously better. The Miller points out that this is an inexpensive choice for beginners or fastgrowing horsemen and those who are beginning to show. Though Aigle manufactures a high-end model that is a favorite with military fighters, most plastics have a lower cost for beginners, are easier to keep clean and are more versatile, Miller says.

The" dips" in the front and back of west boots differ in detail. It was originally designed to make it lighter to take off the boots, especially in the case of "resting" on the stirrups. Occidental boots with toes have experienced many a pendularity. While there is one point that at least a slightly pointed or round toes makes it easy to get in and out of the stirrups, the extreme is above all a question of style and individual preferences.

High boots are usually ebony. Occidental boots can also be quiet or cause a bow to dangle its neck in embarrassment. The choice depends on the geographical location, whether the shoe for show, work or game and the driver's person. If you evaluate and buy boots, think of your boots as riding equipment and make smart decisions on the basis of the type of work you want the boots to do when you lift your feet and put them in the standhold.

The possibilities for a leg to get entangled in a stapes are many. However, the true perpetrator would probably be unsuitable footgear, boots or boots that do not let you go and allow you to free yourself. Being towed by a panic ridden steed when the boots get trapped could kill you.

These hazards can be minimised (though not excluded) by using tapadero's (stirrup covers), tear-off clamps and/or suitable boots with the right form, soles and heels. Jake McCoy, VP of STI (Saddle Technology Incorporated), a manufacturer of adult and children's security straps, says another kind of resistance is what is called "toe wedge" or "toe suspension".

" You do this when the boots toes ('toes') face due to their northward direction, protrude beyond the tip of the stapes and the load moves towards the heels. Jamming the feet occurs when a sloping rider's boots do not fully reach the tip of the stapes before the force of force abruptly goes to work.

The result is a clip that holds the shoe fully to the stapes, no matter what the driver tries to turn, turn or step on. "McCoy says, "The nature of the boots and the kind of stirrups have a great deal to do with whether you can hang up and get out or not.

"If the stapes are smaller, the more likely you are to put up a leg, the less likely you are to walk through it. Conversely for the taller stapes. If your feet are too big, it is unlikely that you will walk through a stapes, and it is more likely that you will put up a toenail.

" In various sports it is discussed whether pull-up (or "open") boots are more secure than lace-up boots in both situations. Strangely, there is no information on the comparative security of laces compared to pull-on boots, although towing is certainly an important element in serious injury to the wearer's bra.

Justin Sportsmedicine's Don Andrews finds that competing rodeos are particularly reluctant to put this to the test, so laced boots are usually only wore at non-stirrup rough-stick orchestras. In what was confessedly an unscientific experience, the author and her confused boy courageously put a nut on a picket and tried our best to hold a multitude of boots in British and West stirrup.

Afterwards we tried out a rope hoist, a lace-up kayak boots, a heelless plastic shoes, a hiker shoes and a hiker shoes. These are by far not all the good and poor shoes that folks put in stapes, but we thought it was a good tasting. However, there was definitely something on the tied instep/knee brace that made the boots totally immobile so that the feet could also be tacked to the stapes.

The same was the case for British and West styles of stapes and boots. British stapes are hung from a rod in the seat, which is intended to come loose when retracted. In the case of westernsaddles, the stapes should always be fixed directly above the stapes with stapes that surround the hide so that the stapes dome hangs upright.

Kids' May Improve Steigbügel May Improve STI has launched a new breaking way stapes developed for kids weighing over 60lbs. Jake McCoy says this bar has two security features: a trigger and the torsional printing function. It works just like STI's adults stirrup:

When the bar turns 45° forwards or 72° backwards, the spring-loaded trigger mechanisms releases the bar. Since the trigger mechanisms are spring-loaded, it requires 8 lbs of torsional force to turn the bar. It stabilises the shackle and prevents the cantilever movement usual with traditional shackles.

That' a great thing about teenage hangers, says the maker, because it makes it practically impractical for a child to use them. MacCoy warned that young kids are most prone to hangers because their legs are small and can slide through their stapes and because they don't know how to get their legs out of the stapes if something goes awry.

Semitrailers with a lightweight stapes and a lightweight stapes strap make hanging easier. It is particularly risky on descents when the baby tries to release the stapes on the side. Most children will only notice when it is too late, because a lightweight stapes and lether tend to cling to the boots and are pulled over the pad.

"Although it is highly unlikely that a kid can walk through the stapes, a kid under 60 quid should not drive in this stapes," McCoy warns. Recommended that tapperos be used on smaller hangers until they become so big that they do not slide through the hangers inadvertently.

"Until my father began making these stapes, he didn't let us have any stapes until he thought we were old enough, and even then it was nothing but our toe. Just in case he's still splitting our boots like bronze horsemen on their backs. And he thought a pair of wrecked boots would be much better than a pull.

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