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Jumping to the best helmet for showing: Men's riding clothes, riding boots or riding equipment from top brands such as Pessoa, Horseware or Ovation. The Zilco Jodz Elite Show Helmet. Folksams riding helmet test shows big differences in protection level

Folksam has carried out independent tests on 15 riding helmets for kids and grown-ups available on the Sweden market". Your test shows that only three out of fifteen helmets have been awarded the Folksam "Best in Test" or "Good Choice" labels. When you are unfortunate enough to get into an injury, the right selection of a riding aid can help avoid a brain injury.

This test also shows that the cost of selecting a suitable hearing aid is not relevant, as one of the most costly helmets was among the most poor. For the second year in a row Folksam has tested riding helmets. The helmets have been improving since the last test in 2014, but there are still major shortcomings, the test is.

This test shows that there are significant variations between helmets and the risks of a brain injury are two to fivefold higher if one of the helmets with the best score is used. "The test shows that there is great room for improvements to make the helmets more secure.

Both top scanning helmets were fitted with an anti-rotation system (MIPS), but all riding helmets have to reduce the rotation force better in order to prevent concussion or even greater cerebral damage," says Dr. Helena Stigson and Associate Professor at Folksam's research group. A good and a bad crashworthy crashworthiness is the main distinction between a good and a bad one.

Nowadays there are no statutory regulations for riding helmets in order to avoid rotation force. We only test upright shocks to show how well the helmets can help avoid cranial fracture. The Folksam test pushes the helmets at an oblique angle, which simulates the real force in an incident more closely than the legally prescribed test.

"It is a matter of course for us to participate in hearing aid trials, as a bad hearing aid can have serious effects on people. It is regrettable that there are no statutory requirements for the test as to how well helmets can provide protection against cross strikes, which better simulate how a driver hits the driver's skull in an accident.

In order to prevent helmets from being marketed without rotation resistance, skew impact test should also be part of the EU homologation tests," says Stigson. "It' very important to point out that it's better with any hat than without. The research clearly shows that a hardhat reduces the number of wounds to the human brain by 50 percent," Stigson concluded.

EQ3 Lynx MIPS was honored with "Best in Test" and Back on Track EQ3 MIPS and Charles Owen Eyr8 Leather Look with "Good Choice". These helmets came off as follows: 5- The headgear is rated "Best in Test". As a result, the hardhat meets all statutory requirements and is 30 per cent better than the standard hardhat in the test and provides good protection.

4- The helmets are distinguished with the rating "Good choice". "This means that the hardhat meets all statutory requirements and scores better than the standard hardhat and provides good protection. 3- Meets the statutory requirements and has an averages test in comparison to all helmets in the test.

2- A lower test result than other helmets in the test, but in compliance with the statutory requirements. 1- A lower test result than other helmets in the test and bad results in all test, but in compliance with statutory requirements. Please have a look at the complete review, the test results and the complete helmet lists HERE.

Back on Track EQ3 LYNX MIPS Helmets were voted Best in Test.

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