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The Western saddles like show saddles are saddles that the Western rider uses for the presentation of horses in the Westernring. If quality is important, as in the show ring, we have a large selection of western saddles. The Harris Story - Show Schedule - FAQ's - Returns/Repairs - Gift Cards - Contact. Silver loaded Dale Chavez Show saddle. The Dale chavez Black Croc Rio Show saddle.

Western Saddles - Schneider's

The Billy Royal Velcro saddle offers the convenience and qualitiy of costly saddle at half the cost. Perfectly handmade with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, hand-engraved stereo siver. Explore our exquisite handmade Billy Royal and Classic King size saddle. These top -of-the-range saddle have the comforts, qualities and detail of high-end saddle designs, but far less.

A top-of-the-range saddle provides your horses with a better "feeling" and comforts them. We have handpicked skins adorned with handmade starlingsilver on many models of our Billy Royal Westernsaddle.

The made-to-measure tree is built for these types in such a way that it corresponds to today's contemporary equestrian races. They are also conceived to offer excellent contacts with your horses and exactly the right feeling and the right equilibrium. The saddle shapes vary, but there is an extra comfortably hand-cushioned, moulded buckskin saddle positioner, fully counterbalanced for proper position, as well as quilted mudguards, fender and stirrups.

This is in line with the latest trend in westernsaddles. To create a high-quality, professionally designed look, these lovely calipers use a dew or oaken leaf/oak wood design and have mouldings in various designs on them. There are even some of them with classical ornamental designs and ornamental inlays. Besides our first-rate Billy Royal westernsaddles we also have a Double S Show saddle and a Billy Royal juvenile saddle.

Constructed on light fibreglass wood covered with raw hide, these saddle have many of the same characteristics as our high-end riders, such as the right equilibrium for accurate riding position, full quarters for contemporary body shapes, buckskin seats and cut-out mudguards for tighter grip, tool designs and carved silver-plated beads.

Billy Royal has a wickerwork and oaken blade pattern and features padded Skirts and pre-turned mudguards for a comfortably crushed feeling.

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