Show Saddles for Sale

Saddles for sale

It is a group for people who want to buy and sell used and new Western saddles. The Showman are best known for their famous range of breathtaking show saddles. Western-style show saddles for sale Public Group 15.5 Circle Y Show nut this thing has ALL clocks and pipes. Stirrup professionally turned in sterling steel and BOILT to last!

Kathy's two-ear headjoint in color is made of buttery cowhide! There is no name "V" headjoint in shiny blackened and the whole piece in shiny white gold. This GORGEOUS is blue ribbon show chest collar - this thing is painted GORGEOUS is colored blackened and completely shiny siver.

14 " Vintec nut has broad esophagus (interchangeable) my feet are too long or I would keep them. The VOGT headpiece, chest strap and hair clip - what a great kit this is, you won't find any other (I looked!) colored leathers in full silvery.


I spent my whole show carreer in Blue Ribbon saddles. Not only are they the most beautiful and best worked saddles in the show horses equestrian sport, they are also the best saddles available! Since the beginning of the 90s I have been saddling in a Blue Ribbon. Because the mudguards are trimmed, I can use my feet better than in most saddles.

The saddles from Blue Ribbon are in a class of their own when it comes to technical..... Over the last 15 years I have decided to saddle and show in Blue Ribbon. They' a useful instrument in my shop, from home practice to showping. The handicraft and elegance of a Blue Ribbon is unsurpassed.

The Blue Ribbon is our preferred seat for the Wild All-Around-Event. It is our opinion that Blue Ribbon saddles give our customers a real advantage at all kinds of horse riding activities. Thanx to Vern and Rita and everyone at Blue Ribbon for their help.....

Saddles for sale

Like the name already says, show saddles, which were developed especially for riding tournaments and look unusual. Unlike traditional working saddles, show saddles are esthetically appealing and not only sufficiently strong for work. If you are looking for show saddles for sale, there are a few hints you can remember to choose the best one for your needs.

Most of the show saddles, for example, are made with the historic features of the traditional westernsaddle, which was first used for westernriding and herding. These saddles have been made to be convenient enough for long horseriding over impassable ground and are associated with the" cowboys" of yesteryear.

If you are looking for show saddles, make sure you choose a one that is convenient for both you and the individual as well. As different saddles are different, they also adapt to different races of saddles. One of the things to consider when choosing a calf is the race of your animal, the seam of the horseman, the horseman's bodywork.

Show saddles have a glossy nickel-plated finish and other striking styling features. Embroidered motifs are often used for the embroidery. The show saddles in the show ring contrast and help the judges to attract attention! In order to keep the nut in good condition, you should always protect the nut when it is not in use.

In addition, there are numerous cleaning agents on the marked which are intended to preserve the shine and "new look" of the polish and avoid tan. Also consider the year of the individual for whom you are purchasing the seat. If you are purchasing the seat for a youngster who still needs to grow a little, for example, make sure you do not buy the seat too small.

If a teenager has a straight seat, it might not work later. Be careful not to choose a too big seat. Whilst it is important to have space to wax into the seat, there should not be too much space, otherwise the saddler cannot be comfortable in the seat.

Please click here to find a suitable manual for you! These saddles, which are worthy of every show, will inspire you!

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