Showjumping Ireland

Show Jumping Ireland

The Showjumping Ireland is proud to offer our members a selection of top leagues throughout the season. Show Jumping Ireland > Homepage Show jumping Ireland firmly believe that the sector's further prosperity is in the capable capable hands of our young people. Have a look at our ponies pages to see what Showjumping Ireland has to boast about. Coming in 2017, Coolmore Stud is the offical sponsorship of the 2017 series. There are five stages in the series, with a big finale at Ard Chuain Equestrian on September 8.

At the request of its members, the National Committee of Young Animals was developing the idea and saw a need for a young football division that would help the development of young horses in sports. Plusvital & Holmestead Spring Tour comprises 5 stages that take place throughout the year.

Three of the limbs are sighting grades for Fontainebleau. Michael Morrissey HorseĀ Trucks National Pony League will take place at 6 tournaments in each area with a total of 24 qualifying matches across the nation, with a big finale at the National Pony and Young Rider Championships. Maynooth equestrian world is a synonym for the U8/U10 Discovery League.

It is an interesting football division for our young competitors to help them take part and above all to have a good time!

show jumping

Skydiving is a sports for both rider and rider that is testing the horse's capability to leap over a rail. There are four mistakes when a horseman hits a rail. And if they don't go up a wall, they make four mistakes. Eliminate a horseman who has refused to crack a certain barrier three time.

Normally the drivers have to bounce around the track within a certain period of inactivity. Failure to do so will result in timing errors at a speed of 0.25 points per second over each second. We also have defined velocity categories in which the driver with the quickest times will win the category if he ends with the same error number.

Most commonly used is a so-called Grand Prix, in which the drivers complete a basic lap with the goal of making the least number of mistakes. When a number of drivers end up with zero or an equal number of mistakes, they are jumping against the time. The most famous competition is the Renaissance, where the drivers try to climb a high barrier, which gets higher and higher after each lap.

This top-class show is a 5-star show, there are also 2-star, 3-star and 4-star shows. There is only one 5-star show in Ireland, the Dublin Horse Show. Robert Splaine is the head of the Irish senior jumping team. Leadingham is the team manager for children on horseback, juniors and young riders and Tom Slattery is the pony team manager.

In Ireland, the game is managed by the Irish Jumping Federation. For more information on how to become active in show jumping at home and abroad, please see Showjumping Ireland or their website for more information.

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