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Great Britain's leading manufacturer of high-quality wooden jumping poles, jumping sticks and mobile cross-country fences. Jumping poles, trotter poles, polyjump poles, horse poles, jumping poles, all our poles are made of high-quality, UV-resistant polypropylene. There is a selection of jumping poles, in different lengths and designs. For this reason, further rods were added and fillers were used. You will find the perfect photo of the jumping sticks.

High-quality, soft training poles made of PVC canvas and foam.

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Our batons are made of high-quality, UV-resistant Polypropylen. Every terminal has been developed specifically for its use. They are also glued, but without inlaid wood. This poles are perfect for our poles. The poles act like a traditionally lacquered wood stick without the apparent disadvantages: no breaking (an essential security feature), no decay or repaint.

Each of our cracks is made with the best material for variety and longevity.

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Then why does your stallion bang on a jumper? Horses that leap low are more likely to tap on sticks because they don't use their bodies to bulge over the rail. DRAWING: Use V-post on the crack. Position two poles at an acute angled position so that the points lie on the upper bar of the dive (see picture) and the other end brackets point outwards.

"When I use V-posts, I don't like the corner being too tight because I think can be repulsive to horses," said John-Paul. If you have a tighter corner, your mare should be jumping. TIP: Use filler so that your stallion can see the barrier and respect it.

Even if you move the last gallop stick a little bit nearer to the vault, the gap between your stallion and the vault shortens, which means that it takes more gymnastics to uncover it.

EW provides new poles and gear for the Darwin Springclub.

The Equestrian Australia Clubs Development Grants are now open for 2016. With a $30,000 contribution, what would your Rotary clubs do to fund gear, amenities, or canvassing? The Darwin Show Judging Center got $2000 for upgrading their gear. Retiring President Monica Jack said that her recently acquired batons will allow her association to assist her committees and voluntaries who work tirelessly to host shows and keep the sporting world of show jumps at its height in the New Testament.

It was also very happy to be able to donate its old sticks and gear to its members and your pony clubs after the upgrad. Modernizing your club's gear and amenities, as well as developing and recruiting your team. The selection of scholars will be made on the basis of their submissions, the needs of the Rotary Foundation, and the effect the grants will have on existing and prospective members and the fellowship.

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