Side Saddle for Sale

side-saddle for sale

side-saddles, habits & zipper for sale. Beauty and elegance of side-saddle riding begins with the right equipment, and that is why it is so important to buy from a knowledgeable source.

Saddles for sale

Sitting Length - Each saddle is judged for the length both from the front of the straight knob to the cantle (US method) and for the back cut to the cantle so that it looks --> 21.5"/17.5". Thou shalt have 3-4 finger wide behind thee in a saddle. "5 "5" saddle; an intermediate long femur takes a 21-22"/17-18" saddle; a long/full femur takes a 22.5-24"/18-19.

"Five" saddle. Normally you can go riding in a slightly long saddle, but you should never go riding in a saddle that is too small for you. Width - This is taken at the broadest point (on averages, a girl's saddle is 10-11", a dainty woman is 12-12").

The Horse Fits - esophagus (tree) width from front d-ring to d-ring, and the width of points (shoulder width). In order to get an overview of whether a particular saddle is suitable for you, please examine your legs and the dimensions of your saddle using the dimensions given. When you have a drag tracking, please return it to us so that we can inspect the saddle more closely against the form of your horses.

PROBLEM POLICY - Our default test period is 3 working days from the date of shipment, unless a shipper has stated otherwise or other agreements have been made. Each saddle must be fully purchased and a test contract must be concluded before the test. Please contact us if you are interested in a test ride on a saddle.

COUNT - We are accepting money, cheques and credits via PayPal (3% fee). Equipped with broad knobs, leather seats and knobs and new front parts. Featuring a hard-to-find broad boom, with 9" between the d's and 17" between the tips, this saddle suits the demanding shallow dry studs, pistons and horse.

Side Saddle Mayhew 21.5"/17. Side saddle Mayhew styled, no other hallmark than "England. One piece diving warhead, completely made of cowhide, broad knobs, mostly serve panel. Middle boom. Wilton & Champion Side Saddle, 21"/16. These full grain saddles are in a very good overall state. It' is 9" between the D-rings and 17" between the points, so it is a middle broadrbreed.

A few cosmetical details on the chair, two perforations and a marking on which a former holder had a name tag. Champ & Wilton Side Saddle, 20. The saddle has a deer chin saddle, broad balls of leathers and a sergen floor. "5 "5" between the D-rings and 17" between the points, i.e. one MW one tree too broad.

Wilton & Champion Side Saddle, 21. The saddle made of full grain cowhide is operational! A small reparation was done at the front of the side seats at the cuttingaway and at the cantilever. There are two small openings in the saddle (cosmetic only) and it needs a new front D-ring and rear D-ring.

It''s 8" between the D-rings and 15" between the tips, so a solid middle boom for a smaller stallion. "5 "5" (keys are currently 30. 5" set); length of page 26 cm 26 cm 26 cm Breathtaking, in good shape, vintage English side saddle habit. Side saddle. Visit us again for the latest update!

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