Silver Grulla Horses for Sale

Grulla Silver Horses for sale

Selling Saddles & Tack, Quarter Horses: Grullapferde silver for sale. Grlla horses for sale That filly has...

.. Veterinarian registered colt by Jack Silver Dust............ Horse of the right colour, if she was grulla, I'd keep her. Foals can only be Grulla or Dun. "The Barbie doll" Gorgous Palomino filly. Large, fashionable filly with lots of muscles. It has proved itself with 22 AQHA Points, 55 PHBA Points & 3 PTHA Points in the exhibition ring.

In my first year of exhibiting AQHA holders with Barbie we were in the AQHA World Show, in Amateur and Open. Easily to show with a naturally long, clear throat, which does not take much work to get her into the stable. Large, sane, pure filly, that is 100% health.

Broken to be more than 2 years old, less than 30 day under the seat. 85 AQHA Holder Points. Get the Midas Touch Kid 2-1/2 AQHA points. on Jack Silver Dust. "Dusty " would not be for sale if he were 5 panels clean....This colt has bred some fantastic fillies with excellent endorsement, sporting skills and good sense.

He has very good training ability with a barrel of colour and noisy dune elements.... so I decided to breed further with him. I have bred 6-7 excellent 5 panels of neat grulla filly for my stud-programme. A well-broken, 100% healthy colt, he was introduced as a 2 & 3 year old bridle bite and then used as a sire.

Don't think Dusty got most of his vision in his right eyeball, he scraped it about 4 years ago, doesn't seem to disturb him at all, I'm sellin' his as blank in that one. Purchaser's choice: keep using him as a stud or he would make an excellent horse that anyone can rip.

Anybody can handle this stud....... He' Dusty's a multiple earner..... He is a true athlete and at the same true holder champion! Eventing horse that produces eventing foals! PERSONAL By owner:

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