Silver Horse Halter

Sterling silver horse halter

Floral Swirl Show Halter Silver Horse Size. Silver engraved with large buckle in Dark Oil Antique. At his next tournament, your horse will stand out from the crowd wearing Billy Royal show halter and accessories. Wonderful holder and customer service! This halter came to me today and I was so excited that I had to run into the barn to try it on!

Kathy's Show Equipments - Kathy's Show Equipments has silver show halter, silver bridle and saddle, honors

Kathy's Show Equipment and Sterling Customizing saddles are private limited liability businesses committed to the enthusiastic horse lover! Hopefully, we can surpass your expectation of our customized certifications and the excellence of our Silver Tack products manufactured in California. Thanks, Troy, Stacy and Michele. for your favourite Kathy's show equipment and Sterling customs saddles. Oh!

To a certain extent, all Kathy articles are customer-specific. Available articles will be shipped within 3-4 working day. Special designs are usually dispatched within 2 - 4 weathers. Welcome to our new Team Sterling Trainer! Ms Kellie Hinley, Beth Clemons, Bobbie Emmons, Brian Henry, Chris Miller, Rich Zenner-Miller, Please see them and our other Team Sterling trainers!

Royal Quarter Horse Show Halter - Tailors

The Quarter Horse show halter has exactly the right atmosphere to make your horse look even more attractive in the ring. For more than half a centurys Billy Royal is leading in the field of horse halter and in 1971 created the show halter. While many other name stallions have been added, Billy Royal show holsters are still those that champions and coaches trust.

Schneider is proud to have Billy Royal Quarter Horse show halter and handmade accessoires to ensure the best look and longevity. Prepare for your horse without unpleasant training time. A wide range of high-quality silver show holders for quarter horses, paints, appaloosas and other cane horse breed, from weanlings to grown-up horses.

Select from the classical silver engraving on the holster to the crystallised silver trimming on the more contemporary holster. The Billy Royal show halter is made of the highest quality class A heavy duty leathers, then manually lubricated and ground by scrubbing to achieve a flawless finishing. Embroidered with a wide range of designs, the decorative strip is handmade of stereo silver.

The show halter is an oesophagus and kerb adjustment and has a curled neck for an individual adjust. Billy Royal QH show halter by Schneider are the first choise for professionals and amateurs, from annuals and broodmares to full-grown foals. There are also a wide range of horse trainer and halter maintenance equipment.

Locate leashes to supplement your holster, show holster cover ings to keep silver from tarnishing between shows, exercise holsters to help your horse develop showmanship and more. At the best price and with a 100% guaranteed level of customer service, Schneiders is the place to find first-class Billy Royal show halter that will make your pet the most famous in the ring.

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