Simple Boots for Horses

Single boots for horses

Ideal for comfort in chronic pain and hoof sensitivity; rehabilitation of injuries, abscesses, navicular diseases, laminitis, laminitis, punctures, bruised soles and contracted heels. It can be used to protect trailers and breeding or as a "spare tyre" for lost shoes. Shock-absorbing, so your horse's legs are no longer needed! For barefoot hooves in hard or uneven terrain.

The Cavallo Simple Boot - Accessories for horse podology

Cavallo Simple Boot is a multi-purpose boot that is ideal for: Cushions shocks - so that your horse's feet are not stressed! Please notice, that Simple and Sports use the same measurement table. When your equine has the same width and length, Simple may be better suited for your equine. Sports can offer a better fitting for a smaller foot.

Single boots are made the same in width and length, while Sport 1/4 is smaller than Simple. Thoroughly gauge the length of the hooves only AFTER A CUT. NEVER lock in your boots. It is possible to test each foot as it can differ in height and requires two different pair. You can only replace new boots from United States.

Just put the hooves into the boots. When the boots turn independent of the horse's hooves, they are too big. Wobbling is fine, because the hooves expand in the load and even further in the motion. You can see how the soles match the length of the boots and the onions in the cushioned part of the heels on the back of the boots.

Prior to your first trip: Only new UniSED boots can be replaced. Easy installation tips: Insole: The soles of the hooves should sit safely in the soles of the boots. Make sure the whole supporting structure from the front cap to the rear support is in the Simple Boat sock. Tighten the external tabs around the hooves and press the hook -and-loop fastener on the tabs against the hook-and-loop fastener on the latch; keep it tight and leve.

SMALL: If you have trouble getting the boots on, they may be too small. It is ideal when the boots "click into place" on the hooves for a good fitting. If the belt protrudes beyond the holder, you can trim the belt to the desired length and leave a seam line to avoid tearing.

IMPORTANT: The boots cannot be replaced if the belts have been removed.

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