Simple Horse Boots

Single horse boots

The Cavallo Simple Boot hoof shoe for barefoot horses on trails that are sold in pairs. Cavallo' revolutionary Simple Hoof Boot was specially developed and shaped for the natural hoof of a horse. ¶¶simple horse boot. That' s why our 100% customer service warranty allows you to buy with confidence: if you make a choice that does not fit you or your horse, you can give it back for a full full refund, substitute or conversion. Undocumented items may be returned at the minimum retail value for the last 60 business day in a complimentary greeting or voucher.

The used saddles must be handed back within 30 workingdays. Helmet and protector can be sent back up to 30 day after your order in mint conditions with genuine packing and manufacturers' trailers. By sharing your concern, we work closely with specialists in this area to ensure a high-security ordering area.

In the event of payment cardholders committing cheating, the Fair Cards Act stipulates that your payment cardholder cannot make you responsible for more than $50.00 of deceptive debits to your bankroll. In order to obtain this level of security, you must immediately inform your payment processing provider of any potential scams and comply with the procedure described in your payment order.

The Cavallo Black Simple Hoof Shoes Pair

Cavallo' new Cavallo Simple-Hof Boot has been specially developed and formed for the horse's foot. An excellent boot protector for the barefooter. Like the Cavallo Sport boot, but with a more robust construction aimed at a slightly broader heel. The Cavallo Sport is used on the rear legs and the Cavallo Simple on the front, according to the form of the heel.

Its simple shape preserves the hooves and allows them to expand and contract naturally to promote perfusion for healthier growing and the emergence of a thick, naked one. Cavallo boots are an ideal remedy for patients with horseshoe problems or sensibility and are also ideal for the treatment of injury, abscess, naval bone, founder, puncture, sole bruises or contract heel.

These multi-purpose boots have an original look, high grade material and clever details like the built-in rubber reliefs, making them a favourite among horse lovers who want to put their horse in a normal state. Cavallo free hoof-scratcher! Cavallo Simple Bootsoles provide outstanding grip and promote smooth motion, while the outer profile helps the footwall and rests on any surface - the profile rejects silt, dirt and sands!

After a recent incision, thoroughly size the supporting foot area ( "heel bulb" not included). The length and width of the hooves are the same.

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