Single Horse Barn

Individual stable

If you have a single horse or a team of Champion thoroughbreds, Maryland's Best Sheds has a stable for your needs. The stables are durable, affordable & built to last. Complete your Breyer horse collection with this pretty single stable wooden barn. Are you looking for a safe and secure shelter for your horses that also enhances your outdoor equipment?

OneĀ Stall Horse stable plans offer an easy and economical solution for a single horse.

Maryland's Best Shds Stables

If you have a single horse or a whole blooded Champions family, Maryland's Best Shds has a stable for your needs. Our stables are solidly built and offer excellent climatic conditions shelter. There are stables to complement your stable place, horse stables with saddle and fodder room or run-in stables to offer your horse the ideal place to escape the bad wheather.

You don't have enough room in the barn? Include a stable and offer your horse shelter. Comes in different dimensions to meet your needs. You can also have your barn adapted to your individual needs. Like our stables, our stable range provides the same comfort for your horse, but with a feeding and saddle room for your comfort.

Including an easily accessible gate from the feeding room to the stables. Comes in different dimensions to meet your needs. There are also many different ways to customise your stable. It is the ideal protection against the elements. Select between single or twice the width and adapt it to your needs.

Central divider can be fitted for double-width infeed flaps.

Stable Style FAQs

Q ) What are some of the essential types of stables I can use? Horse stables come in many different types and dimensions. They all depend on the climatic conditions of the area, the number of ponies, the owners budgets and the nature of the work. Each style can be two-storey, where hay/chips/tractors can be placed on top, or one-storey, where hay/chips/tractors can be placed in a room.

Central corridor with stands on both sides - one of the most commonly used stablestables. Washing and stapling boxes can also be installed in this size. It is a good choice for a cooler environment, as it is not necessary to evacuate the house to perform stable servicing and forage. Nursing and medical check-ups can be carried out in this central passage.

Arrival and departure in the hall is easily possible with a central passage. Two-rowed barn - Particularly suited for warm climatic zones. The barn has two lines of stands back to back in the middle of the school. There would be an excess amount of sunshine on the top to keep the boxes out of the weather.

These two stables are available in many different designs, including L-shape, single lines, linked pins on each barn and even the unusual but aesthetically pleasing round barn. There are many different versions of a single stable in the stable for the individual horse owners. Fattening stable - The simplest and cheapest of all architectural style.

It is a simple structure consisting of bar corners and any kind of metal wall and ceiling, which can be an economical and fast way to build a horse house, as no foundations are required. In most areas of the Netherlands there are many suppliers who can supply you with a well-dimensioned pen in less than a whole weekend or two.

Even if they are often used indoors, they can also be used as stable-houses. Brickwork barn - This barn can be made of brick, mud brick, clay or rock. However the costs are often a restricting element and very large properties of this kind can take a long while.

Metals - For those who want to fully prevent the risk of fire. Wooden barn - This classic barn, although it can be a little expensive, can be personalised down to the last detail. To have a stable, solid wooden stable, you should definitely work with an expert and reputable master builders.

The construction of a wooden barn is regarded by many as an artistic discipline in itself. Proposals from other riders:

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