Single Horse Driving Harness

Individual harness for horses

Quality, durability and style are built into each of our harnesses at Shipshewna Harness & Supplies. Gradual lessons are given by accustoming the horse to the harness, lunging, driving on the ground, pulling a tyre, mooring and finally working on the road. It is made of nylon, which adapts to the back of every horse.

3/4 Inch Single Horse Driving Lines Widetas

Monohorse Driving Line 3/4 inch Wide Betha, in any length. Colours have double-seam clasps at the end of the bits. As an option, a central strap can be attached to the end of the rider so that the ropes can be strapped together. Bridles are made of betas. It is a synthetical fabric with the look and touch of leathers, but it is strong and easy to use.

So all you have to do is clean it with a little bit of detergent and a little bit of it. It can also be dipped in a pail of pail of water or sprayed with a tube. Betacolours are available in a variety of colours. Ideal for show or general rides.

Driving the individual horse

Our step-by-step instructions give the rider with mediocre competence the security to practice his own horse for driving. Gradual classes are given through the horse's habituation to the harness, lungeing, driving on the floor, pulling a tyre, mooring and finally working on the street. Discuss the ten most frequent causes of the accident and their prevention, many security regulations and feed of the driving sport.

It is particularly useful to have a spreadsheet with the right length and height for rods and splitter rods and a spreadsheet with the shank length and width. It is a step-by-step guide to help beginners in learning the most safe and effective way to drive a harness. The right driving positions, lash and reins and the right balance of a two-wheeled motorcycle are clearly described.

Useful tips for safer and more comfortable driving. We will discuss the right seat of the harness, the service of the car and the preparation for a show. Reasonable advices and answers to frequent issues such as anxiety about driving, refusal to stop and the drawing of different carriage models are described as well as the right seat of the car for horse and drivers.

This is a systemic description of the assessment of different driving categories, among them asses, handicapped riders, tandem riders, rimems, coachings and driving tests. It covers the assessment frameworks of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and England. An all-encompassing view of the top-class sports of cycling. Profound consulting on the right gear, the right workout and to improve your event performances.

Contains the definition and description of the wiring harness and slide parts used in the CAA family.

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