Small Carousel Horse for Sale

Carousel horse for sale

Carousel horses in full size, or carousel horses, for sale. Antique horse, carousel horse for sale. Occasionally we sell primed, ready-to-use antique horses, just email us if that's what you're looking for. The Large horses were all shipped by truck. We are a leading manufacturer of carousel horses in China.

Carrousel Horse

Opened in 1976, the attraction offers over 75 horseback riding and sightseeing tours in golden and a beautiful coloured application of a carousel horse on a heightened 3-D area. It'?s so beautiful and hard. Sculptured Kennywood on the front with golden inlays. Fourteen oz jar.

VIRTUALLY low abrasion of the golden color..... No scratches or lack of detail on the rot varnished top. It seems the jar itself is mouth-blown. It' beautiful...perfect for the amusement parks, antique glasses and carousel collectors. The rod can be taken off the horse. It' a little under 6' high with bar and a little under 4' long from the front of the horse. on the back of the horse.

I' m not sure what it's made of, I guess, fibreglass? Nice old merry-go-round horse. Completely made out of wooden carvings and nicely decorated. This is a fibreglass papier-mâché carousel horse that were made many years ago as accurate reproductions of I believe the Eldridge Carousel to be. I' ve repaired the ears, the tails and the back of my back legs so that the colour doesn't exactly mate.

merry-go-round Horses

A vintage eighteenth c. carousel horse with a gorgeous, weared look. This is a gorgeous hand-carved carousel horse from New Jersey. Requires a few repair work, but all initial ones included..... Nice little carousel horse made of wood. Mid 20th c. horse - animals statue on metallic pedestal.

A very important and nice carousel horse. Genuine steel front rack and one of the stirrup. A large, polychromed, standing carousel made of massive hexagonal timber with a colourful, life-size skull. Beginning of the 20. cent. carved wooden carousel horse with genuine Argentine horse stands and leathers. Impressing antique swing carousel made of wooden - ....

This is an ancient carousel horse which has been transformed into a swing horse with a feather on a plinth. Colour on horse, last drawn in a darker colour, is exposed some to nature..... Woodcarved carousel horse with original parc pain..... Excellently Carver horse, found in an theme parc in the northeast of the United States.

Probably done in English. Unbelievable lacquer finish and genuine jewellery. Dynamically carving carousel horse from the atelier of Luis Ortega in Puebla, Mexico. Genuine parking colour. Vermont Horse Carousel in wood and iron, approx..... A carousel horse from an early twentieth c. in Vermont, rarely in its simple state.

Wooden carving with genuine parking paintwork. U-bolts and stands. End of the 19. cent. carved wooden carousel horse fragments..... Carousel horse from the end of the nineteenth c., beautifully engraved and fixed on a rack with hints of colour and undertones. Carousel-dance horse by Dentzel Karussell C.... This jumping horse is made of lime tree and features glazed eyelets and a facetted "Jewell" on the cups.

Stirrup in black satin. Children's carousel made of nineteenth c..... Awesome large carousel made of 19. cent. cast steel with lacquer finishes. The horse is in very good shape and robust. Polychromed carousel horse prancing attribute..... It is a large, multi-coloured carousel horse, painted in several colours, probably used on a carousel centre or bank, with restorations of the heads and feet.

1960' s metal carousel Cinderella car of L' Aut..... Extraordinary exhibition grounds, carousel attributes..... Illion's carousel panel made of wood, sculptured in polychrome..... An exquisite polychromed carousel with wood carvings and rose carvings by Marcus Charles Ilions ((1871-1949). Illion was a champion at carving wood carousel ponies and other..... An American carousel style two horse sculptures.....

The carousel of the American carousel is adorned with two horse figurines with steel supports (20th century). The middle plate is tall and hand-painted and originates from the early years of the so-called Golden Age of the carousel. 1960' carousel car from L' Autopède Belgium..... Beautiful fairground made of metals - carousel tribute from the 1960'.

Girls look - princess - castle. ..... Genuine woodcarved book print Karneval Mitway S... Big hand-carved carving book made of boxwood. Magnificent representation of a halfway through a carousel with a horse..... Ancient folk arts made of round Merry-Go timber, carousel..... Great, detailled mechanic carousel / carousel. Handicraft carnivals with handcrafts of woody ponies, jeeps and sledges.

Ancient jumping horse from northern France..... A modern metallic rack for this ancient varnishing horse from northern France. Breathtaking work of C. J. Spooner, Burton on Trent, England, a well-known expert for e.g. wood carving of animals, shows carousel doors.....

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