Small Horse Barn Plans

Little horse stable plans

Little barns and stables can still have great impact and great design. See how some of our large small stable plan designs are shown in this video. Choose from a range of free construction plans for horse stables, inlets, stables and haystacks.

Neun kleine Pferdestallpläne - Complete stable construction drawings - Project plans woodworking

Chestnut Horse Barn Plans allows you to construct a two-, three- or four-storey barn with a selection of shed extensions for tractors, car parks, saddle rooms, fodder stores, running-in stalls or carehouses. You can now construct exactly the stable you and your horse need. You can create one of nine different layout types with the blueprint you have.

Have a look at the pictures above to see some of the possible layouts. Chestnut horse barn plans have been published in Mother Earth News Magazine, Equine Journal and many other papers. The chestnut stables were constructed in all parts of the USA and Canada. "I' ve got my plans and I really like them all for add-ons.

I can now construct my simple barn and expand it later according to my needs. Thank you, my ponies and I" - KD, Indiana. "and I was very pleased with the plans.

Stable plans

Chestnut Two-Stall Barn is a 20'x24' barn with a barn area, two stands and a large avenue for maintenance and care. Netherlands stable and large movable garden door contribute to your comfort. In the chestnut barn there is a shadowy hiding place in front of its two stable gates.

Upcoming expansions are simply with more stands, a parking space or repair shop on the other side. Apple Downs Two or Four Stable Barn and Garages - Here is a multi-purpose all-in-one barn for your vehicle, lorry or tractors and two or four horses. There is a 20'x24' open centre area for care and maintenance and a 20'x24' loftfor...

All our fattening house plans and fattening framework parking plans are basic layouts that allow the customer to simply build his own custom, unparalleled version. To see some of the many exciting possibilities that these stables have been designed by their owner and builder, click here. Chestnut Four-Stall Horse Barn has 10'x12' stands on both sides of a front-to-back avenue for ease of entry and sweep.

There is a 20'x24' open centre area for care and maintenance and a 20'x24' loft. It can be built with 4 or 6 stands or you can construct the 4 stables now and include the additional stands in the post.

Chestnut Three Stable Barn has three 10'x12 stands. The 10' x12' rooftop offers a protected outside area for care. Applewood Barn and Run-In can be made with two or four horse boxes. There is a shaded shed on one side, which is available to you as a care area, entrance or tool shed.

Chestnut Meadow Barn has a shaded cleaning room in front of the two barn entrances and a 10'x24' enema on the other side of the barn. Each of the chestnut horse barn designs allows you to construct with the external material of your choosing. Chestnut Ridge Barn has an inlet or loading shed on the side.

This multi-purpose 10'x24' canopy is also a beautiful parking lot or shed. Chestnut Horse stable and parking is an all-in-one barn for two ponies and a passenger vehicle, lorry or trailer. A 12'x24' parking space is large enough for garden implements on the side panels and offers space at the rear for a work bench or a saddle and fodder area.

Crab Apple Barn & Store extends a stable with two or four stables by a 12'x24' work or hobbyshop. Chestnut Valley Barn has three stands with shaded, covered cleaning areas outside the large gates of Holland. The large slide door and open lids make this an airy barn ideal for hot spots.

Inlet shed plans Order shed plans from 10x12 to 15x24. All these plans are included with all the diagrams and bills of materials you need.

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