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Bridles for small horses

Nice two-layer woven fence. Horse Pink Leather Fringe Showman Pony/Small Headstall, Chest Collar, Rein Set. Buy carefully selected quality bridles, bits, dressage whips, bridles and accessories for ponies and smaller equestrians.

Bridles Sizes & How to take measurements for a bridle

Fiddles from different producers match your horse, and the special nature of your horse can make one bridle more convenient to carry than another. These are some thoughts you should consider when measuring and selecting a bridle. Bridle fringes are available in four major sizes: bangs, cobs, full and oversizes.

When you buy a bridle and are not sure about the horse's height, you can guess the necessary height on the basis of the horse's height. If, for example, it is perfect for a full or normal horse holster, it will probably carry a full-fledged bridle. Click here to buy our full range of German bridleware.

Alternatively, you can rent a bridle to try on your horse and select your new bridle to suit your loan. If you are renting a full-size bridle and it is too large, for example, if it is set, select a piston-size bridle. You can find help with setting the snaffle in the How to set a snaffle theme.

When none of these options is an optional, you can take your horse with a smooth tissue scale in inches, and check your dimensions against the bridle-specification. The figure shows how to identify the bridle parts to be measured. Crown part Measures the length of the crown part (with cheeks) that you need.

Take measurements from one part of your horse's lips, through the survey, to the other part of his lips. Headband Measuring the length of the headband you need. From the trailing side of the horse's ears, around his brow, to the trailing side of his other one. Nose Strap Measuring the length of the nose strap you need.

At one point, one centimetre below your horse's cheekbone, around his snout. Valley valve Measuring the length of the valley valve you need. From the back of your horse's ears, under his neck, to the back of his other one. The bridle parts made of cowhide can easily expand over the course of a period of time when used and cared for.

A possible small stretch in your size preference as you pick a bridle so that you can be sure it won't become too big for your horse. Please note: Most of our fences come with a bridle that fits the bridle. You will find a wide range of reigns if you want an additional rein kit, or if you want a different type from the one that comes with your bridle.

Remember that some bridle producers, especially those from Germany and France, make more spacious fences than others. If you have a horse that will fit on the smaller end of full height, the big differences in height may mean that if you have a horse that will fit on the smaller end of full height, you may be able to move down to a butt. On the other hand, if your horse fluctuates between full and oversize, you can most likely stay in a full sized bridle in English or in France.

Even the horse itself is a challenge due to its race-specific exterior, which is why extra bridle parts are available. Many Morgans, for example, have brief faces that cause you to choose a bridle length, but their broad brow need a full-size headband. In order to meet these requirements, some producers are producing breed-specific fences, such as Ovation's Quarter Horse Bridle.

This bridle was developed for the Quarter Horse, with a broad head at the upper end and a slim, sophisticated nostril. Installing this kind of quarter horse in either a full bridle or a wob bridle can be inconvenient. To buy the headbands and bridle parts separately, click here.

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