Small Plastic Toy Horses

Little plastic toy horses

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Plastique Horses Party Gifts, pack of 10

Contains one or more of the following: marble, small sphere or small pieces. It is our goal to show you exact information about our products. Provide all your prospective horse enthusiasts with a gift that they will surely appreciate with these Plastic Horse Parties. These sorted collections of miniscule horses can be integrated into parlour competitions or used as competitions.

As an alternative, you can include one in each favorite pouch of other little gadgets and goodies to thank your customers for participating in a horse-themed birthdays celebration, a bangs celebration, or another pet celebration. They can also use these plastic horses to embellish a show stand or cake. Horses plastic presents, pack of 10:

What's the size of each one? Every plastic-small mini horsehorse is about 1.5" high x 2.75" high. There is a free restricted guarantee on most products. Guarantee of product: Have you already bought your item? Nursing plans can still be added within 30 working days of purchasing, click here to do so.

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