Smallest Mini Horse


Once again my parents rejected my wishes, but I still love miniature horses. Thumbelina Named Mini Horse Thumbelina vole des coeurs partout où elle va. That mini horse is called Thumbelina and she steals hearts wherever she goes. But Einstein is considered the smallest horse in the world. A miniature horse is the smallest horse.

Däumeline is the smallest (and sweetest) mini horse in the whole wide range.

Many different pets are very sweet, but no one can ignore that mini-horses are among the cuteest. Thumbelina is a little mini horse for various reason. She is not only one of the most lovable horse in the world, but also the smallest!

Join Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the worid and the most astonishing horse in the worid. If you see her, you may have to make a twin shot; yes, she is a true horse! A daughter of two young horse owners, Däumeline lived at Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri, where she is the perfect family.

That'?s right, that'?s her full size! It may not be the largest horse in the city, but it doesn't make her any less handsome. Michael and Däumeline meet a new and larger boyfriend here. Däumeline may be small, but that has never kept her from making boyfriends wherever she goes. So, what do you think is going through the other horse's head?

At only 57 lbs, Thumbelina weights less than your typical eight-year-old. Do you have any idea having a horse so small you can lift it up and take it around? Thumbelina is the smallest full-grown horse in the Guinness Book of Records.

She needs a one-of-a-kind boot that allows her to run and run with her competitors. Thumbelina won't let anything stop her! Däumeline often comes to children's clinics where she puts a big face to the kids all over the world. It' uniquely large makes it perfect for interaction with the little ones who don't have enough spare horse life.

Although it cannot be denied that she is small, her singular height and build are in fact a large part of what sets this particular horse apart from the mass. A triple high on Thumbelina! It may be small, but Thumbelina, the mini-horse, is a companion that everyone wants to have at their side in every circumstance.

Thumbelina' s tale with your animal-loving mates!

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