Smallest Miniature Pony

Miniature pony

We have some of the smallest, colorful minis you will find. The miniature horses are the smallest horse breeds. It was Judy who first introduced Dr. Wagner to miniature horses and finally bred the pair of horses that Einstein, the miniature horse, produced. I'm the smallest horse ever born!

The history and description of the miniature horses.

A miniature US showpiece, considered the smallest in the game.

The smallest miniature pony in the whole wide range. Bluey, who is only 15 inch in size at two and a half month, was only 6 pounds when he was brought up in France. This American miniature was so small that the proprietors Wil Weijters and Veronica Holtskot were afraid he would not live.

But the little pony fought its way through and warms the heart of all who visit the Cremedela Miniature Horses Center in Aquitaine, France. Veronica, 56, who runs the center with her man Wil, said: "He is such a lovely and caring animal. When he was in the family, he was so small we didn't think he would live.

We have been raising miniature ponies for a long while, and I have been doing even more research on them all over America. He needs an eyelid surgery to get the cataract out of his sight, which only two specialized veterinarians in France can do. We' re just waitin' for an op on his right side now.

"He was virtually blindly delivered, so it is completely marvellous for him to get his eyesight. Both Veronica and Wil are breeding American miniatures for humans who have them as domestic animals or leadership ponies. Several were brought to America to rescue them, where they were reared and re-named American Miniatures.

Däumeline is the smallest (and sweetest) minihorse in the whole wide range.

While there are some very sweet little creatures in the whole wide universe, no one can ignore the fact that miniature ponies are among the cuteest. That little critter by the name of Thumbelina is something different. She is not only one of the most lovable horse in the whole wide range, but also the smallest!

Join Thumbelina, the smallest of horses and most astonishing beast in the game. A daughter of two miniature horses, Däumeline was bred in 2001 and currently resides at Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri. It grew up to a remarkable size of 17.5 inch under the supervision of Paul, Kay and Michael Goessling. Michael and Däumeline meet a new and larger boyfriend here.

Thumbelina is the smallest full-grown stallion in the Guinness Book of Records. She needs a one-of-a-kind boot that allows her to run and run with her competitors. Däumeline often comes to children's clinics where she puts a big face to the kids all over the state.

Thumbelina may be small, but she is a girlfriend that everyone wants to have at her side in every circumstance.

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