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Supplement for source horses

ORIGIN The SOURCE is an extreme wide range equine preparation with at least 60 ingredients and the corresponding micronutrients in biological activated state. The SOURCE contains small quantities of natural vitamin sources, among them the 14 currently recognised "essential micronutrients " and the 21 micronutrients, which are particularly considered in terms of significance, as well as other non-identified associated substances whose roles in diet have not yet been defined.

SOURCE contains a patented mixture of purely hydrated algae meals...and nothing else! Evaluations provided on this website reflect the experiences of the individuals who have published the evaluation. Dry seafood algae snacks. Combine 1 healing session (included) (1/2 oz/14 gr) per daily with food, even during heavy exercise, gestation and breast-feeding.

Quantity related to the total of 450 kg (1,000 lb). 1 Leave measurement will hold 3 tea spoons, 1 Hape measurement will hold 4 tea spoons. Feeding 1 tsp per 250 lb b.w..

Equine food supplements and aids

It'?s the only supplement I ever give my steed. Now my steed is free of burns and no longer coy. Its hoofs and fur have also significantly enhanced since the use of Source. Can' believe such a small crowd makes such a big deal of money! I added before/after pictures to show how much of a change Source made on my horses (the pictures were taken once a day before Source was fed and a months after Source was started).

I' m still using Source every day and have seen a healthy fur, strong feet and almost no burns in the hot summers!

Horse Nutrient Supplement

"Source, 30 pounds." I' ve been using Source since the early 1980s. I never have ill ponies, they have great hooves, good coat and they look more satisfied. Feeding my puppy and my pony with it and I don't want to be without it for any of them. "We' ve been using Source for almost 30 years and are very happy with it."

They are smooth, fatty and lucky with less food. I had to reduce the amount of food I gave each and every one of my riders a few month after I began eating Source because their body was able to absorb everything they were eating instead of letting it through, they got too overweight!

"{\a6} Cant Beat It" Source came to our shed 16 years ago as part of a contest pricing deal. There was a big shift in the hoofs of my horse, in the fur and over the whole length of my whole physique. Still haven't found another produkt to defeat Source. In our hayloft, we have not yet reached our prices, quantities and qualities.

I had a man who wanted to try other things and I turned him down. Having paid too much and obtained few results from other projects, he returned directly to Source. While there are other things on the shelves, as my man found out, most of them are just another big hit with them. Source's first stallion we tried came to us as a pouch of bone.

A year later, with expensive, high-fat fodder, we saw little changes in hoofs, fur and muscle size. We began to add Source to his nutrition and saw beneficial changes in less than 3 month. I' d suggest to feed Source from January/Feb, you will be surprised if it comes out in April/May.

"I' ve been using this for 30 years and I promise on it." I' ve done side-by-side testing on some ponies and not on some. While it is precious for coat and foot, it is best if the horse metabolizes its food better and can be much less feeded, more than offsetting the costs of the source.

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