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Sout Mountain Equine, Middletown, MD. Explore horses / large animals in BLUFFDALE from Mountain Point Equine today. Horse veterinarian in Middletown, MD Providing our caregivers with the highest level of healthcare in a thoughtful, disciplined and ethically responsible way. Our surgery offers outpatient and in-house healthcare and emergency assistance, dental medicine, dental healthcare and veterinary treatments for your equine animal on your own yard or in our hospital. Our unshakeable dedication to excellence is evident both in our equine grooming activities and in our relationships with our customers and the wider world.

You can talk about a wide range of equine medicine issues or simply have a meeting with your customers.

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While at Penn State University, he studied bachelor's (Animal Bioscience) and became passionate about equine science while working on a hunting lodge. Subsequently, he travelled to Colorado State University to complete extra work on the equine course. Subsequently, he visited the University of Florida for postgraduate education and obtained diplomas in pet food and economics, where he felt the need to educate.

Following graduation, he worked for Buckeye Nutrition and Progressive Nutrition as a nutritionist. Social, he has been enjoying organised vet care and is the former president of the Maryland Medical Association. Coupled with a small vet, he has two little boy called Connor and Samuel, two goldfishes from the mess, half a dozen hens and two hairy canines.

In 1999, a Penn State University alumnus, Veteran Bioscience & P.T.M. Caity was raised in western New York, where her passion for the horse began at the age of 9. Studied at Medaille College for a basic course of study (biology and vet technology) and worked part-time in a small animals clinic. It took 2 years off after she graduated from Medal to work fulltime and gain more exposure before she went to Ohio State University to get a diploma in vet.

Upon graduating, she went to Retama Equine Hospital in Selma, Texas to do a one-year placement focusing solely on equine health. Born in Middletown, MD, Danielle completed her BS in Social Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2005. In 2013 she completed her studies at Meredith Manor, Waverly, WV, where she received a Level 2 teaching, Level 1 education and a Certificate in Equestrian Massage Therapy.

In addition, she graduated from WVU-Parkersburg as an Associate of Applied Science with a focus on horses.

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