Spade Bits for Horses for Sale

Spaade bits for horses for sale

Unnoticed antique spade drill, attributed to Buermann. Hand made bits & spurs for sale:

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Five inches mouths with spade spoons. Ancient ("Antik" approx. end of 1800 or beginning of 1900). The mouthpiece is 4 3/4". THAT IS A VERY OLD, HANDMADE SPADE OF STEREO SILVERS. CONCHOS ON EACH SIDE OF THE TEETH, THE DROOL STICK AND THE BRIDLE SIDES ARE COVERED WITH STEREO-GOLD.

GROUNDBREAKING IS THE WHOLE..... ShownMan engraves high-grade steal Silber & Kupfer Spaten Show bits! A NEW NECK! ShownMan engraves high-grade steal Silber & Kupfer Spaten Show bits! A NEW NECK! The 7 " 7 " stainless stell spade has 7 " carved silvery cheekbones and Conchoes. "5 "5" mouths with shielding....

The mouthpiece is 5". There is a truly ancient ancient California S. Barbra bits spade tall ports bits 1800's high. Ancient ('1900s). Ancient (..... It is a really old ancient Spade High Portbit from the manufacturer Quick marks old raw 5 inchbits.

It looks like high-grade steal or German silvery hard! Those bits and fences were taken from my old polo barn at a lifetime gathering of a mate of mine. WESTERN HIGH PORT HORSE BIT. HORSE SPADE CORRECTORS SHOW SILVERY LACE. "7 "7" POLISH ED, CARVED WITH CONCHOS. "5" MOUTH WITH COPPER SHIELD AND ROLLER.

Wooden plate and roll. Made by the Kelly Star. Delicate nickel engraving and concho. The Hilason Saddles & Tack. The Hilason Saddles & Tack. Softening of the lips, the cup roll helps to reassure the fearful rider. Executed in classical antiques. It is a Hilason Brand Stainless Steels horse tack show bit 5 in the spade trap with correction plate.

Ancient Finnish 5 1/8 Zoll Spade Sweet Iron with curved Copped Rings 6 3/4 Zoll Cross Concho..... It is a Hilason Brand Stainless Steels Tack Show-bit5 in a spade mouth with a copper shield. Made-to-measure Gaited/Walking Horsesite.

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