Spanish Horse Tack

Hispanic Horse Tack

Individual, handmade horse equipment in western, Spanish, English and American style for all breeds. Horse gifts and works of art, horse hair ceramics and jewellery. Portuguese and Spanish saddles, bridles, breastplates, saddle pads, etc. More ideas for horse turning, Portuguese and saddles can be found here.

Spanish and Portugese handmade glue, clothes and accessories

We have been in the wire loom industry for over 30 years and are proud to be able to provide you with the best leathers. Now we' re gonna get them out of Spain and Portugal. Proud to have one of the best Spanish saddles available, from Monturas Artesanas de Talavera, formerly Monturas Lucas.

You have a system that is revolutionizing the saddle industry. Your bendable boom offers the best support for horse and horseman with suppleness and spring. Our purchases are made directly from the manufacturer so that we can offer you the best possible price for you. Will go through all the detail, answers your question about size for you and your horse, available colours, what is permitted in the ring for the contest or show, show requests, etc.

Tack Spanish Store

Dressur, Alta Escuela, Endurance, With more than 21 years in the procurement and delivery of top class gear directly from dependable and renowned producers, we provide a wide range of product, customized services and timely support. If you are a lover who needs proper and genuine stickiness and horse suit, we will be happy to advise and assist you personally.


This allows the horse to move unhindered and easily under the seat. He should spread the rider's body evenly over the horse's back. Four generations of Spanish craftsmen working on horse backs. Importing to Canada - Handcrafted handmade handcrafted trapeze plates & inserts with focus on craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

Handcrafted saddles, work saddles and tack. l like my bike! All I wanted to do was let you know that I loved my heart, loved my horse! It is so good not to have the feeling that I have to adjust the seat again and again during the ride. It is the best fitted nut (probably the only nut that ever really fits) I have ever put on in the seven and a half years I have had it.

Not enough I can thank you for everything and all the times you helped me and ordered this seat for me! I hope I can take better photos of him in the back at the weekends! She is a cinema enthusiast and finds the right offer for every occasion.

It was Tyler who earned her passion for handcrafted furnishings very early in childhood, her father being a carver.

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