Sparkly Riding hat

Savingsly Riding Hat

XXXXXXXXXX Charles Owen JR8 Sparkly riding hat The Charles Owen JR8 Sparkly Riding Helmets makes your horses and riders shine in the area! With a glittering centre that fits perfectly into the weatherproof micro velour side parts, this is certainly a favourite. Made to the highest internationally recognized standard of security, Charles Owen riding helmets offer the most complete coverage for a variety of possible accidents while retaining a classical look.

Extraordinary fabrics provide an excellent fitting and easy adaptation to almost any driver in any event. A subtle & funny touch of Sparkle! The JR8 bowl has a slightly ovaler and flatter shape, which is best suited to sliders with rounded heads. 6 3/852 cm20 1/2" 6 5/854 cm21 1/4" 6 3/455 cm21 5/8" 6 7/856 cm22" 757 cm22 3/8" 7 1/858 cm22 1/2" 7 1/459 cm22 7/8" 7 3/860 cm23 1/4" 7 1/261 cm23 5/8" 7 5/862 cm24".

Fitting is the essential feature of a truly secure crimple. The Charles Owen headgear includes a uniquely self-adjusting system that allows the headgear to adapt to the shape of the wearer's ear. JR8's classic jersey strap system offers a distinctive cross-over pattern with a dual buckle on a flexible jersey strap that does not slit into the fabric like conventional straps.

micro-fit technology - allows the fit of the hat to match the shape of the wearer's original heads for unrivalled wearing style, strength and sophistication. Material and construction: Each Charles Owen riding hat consists of a rigid shell with a high quality polystyrene film. In the event of an accident, bladder coatings rupture, which extends the period until the patient's heads come to a standstill, thus decreasing the risk of injuries to the cranium and aculium.

Charles Owen's central office uses sophisticated computer simulation to maximise power transfer from the collision by using sophisticated combination of material and structural model. Optimum material and construction - Coolmax ultra-soft liner provides anti-microbial resistance and unrivalled wicking, while the abrasion-resistant full microfibre fabric wraps the high-quality expandable styrene fabric around the high-quality expandable polyester fabric for a distinctive and long-lasting look.

Attractive low-profile design - a sportive tread, a contoured edge and embossed and embossed logo lend a special refinement to it. Helms are susceptible to excessive temperature; they must be stored at room temperature away from exposure to sun and humidity. Use always a product which is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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