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The Strike Sunny Delight aka Chase is a speed machine that loves barrels. There are always several sales prospects for our stallions. Sell Browse through our great horses for sale. That colt has speed up and down. Presented in Barrel Horses For Sale.

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I' m sure this filly will look good in a winning image and then he will make a great stallion. One of his sires, Cash Find, was OK Champion of the 3-year-old stallion and his first foal year will start in 2016. Fancy's feminine line has some great stakes winners:

madam high on si 108, 11 victories, $90,664, superior race horses, 3 bets won, 5 bets placed, etc. The Smoky is used on the farm and is very promising! Dazzle Berry's mares are out of RY Nobodys Angel. √ĘThis is closely to the same Phillips that has been producing the wonder Mr. Bundy, who was the 2015 Northwest Champion aged stallion with 9 gains who earn $15,496.

BUNDY is out of a Dazzle Berry filly who is a half sibling of Cash Find. He is a great filly who has bred two very beautiful racehorses. She' s from a great girl line that has brought out some great winning girls. Now his mother has 2 foals in running schooling.

Dazzle Berry, his brood mare stallion, is known as a great barrels stallion and is a brood mare hereditor. With the speed, the agility and the brains to make a fantastic running or ropinghorse. There are several breeding mothers for sale, so please have a look at our mare page for information and prices!

We made this filly to keep when we bred Dazzle Berry to our favourite Fay to get another one of these great crosses. She is a really good foal and I'm still not sure if I want to resell her, but..... She' s gonna be a great racer, runner or roped and she' s gonna be able to toss some great newborns.

It has an older sibling who is a very succesful running and roping horses in Nevada, another sibling who is a cute wrestler and rancher in Utah, a half-sister who is a great Mexican racer, a half-brother who was a great Arizona competition-racehorse, a half-brother who was a great Arizona match-racehorses, a half-brother who is a great race-horse,

who is a friendly draught horses in the Midwest, a half-brother and half-sister who will run in Idaho and Utah this year, and a half-brother and half-sister who we have kept and who make the big ranching horses and will become big rodeos in the semi-retire.

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