Spotted Mountain Horse

Speckled Mountain Horse

Spotted Mountain Horse Association is a division of the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association based in Lexington, Kentucky. Different names, Spotted Mountain Horse. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association - Equus ferus caballus.

Spotted Mountain Horse Association is a department of the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association based in Lexington, Kentucky.

There' s always one thing you and your horse can do. Specifically designed for young people, we offer horse shows at home and abroad. All year round there are weekends and barbecues for members. On the basis of the number of trails covered, we offer a ride on the trails.

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Show programme includes the courses if you are interested in showing your spotted mountain horse. You will find different departments like Western, Trail Obstacle, Country Trail Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, Park Pleasure and Open Four Gait Pleasure. Please click here. No horse may carry in any division a shoe that weighs more than a normal "keg".

Kentucky Mountain Spotted International Grand Championships Horse Show is taking place in October at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Usually the black colour is on one or both sides. In general, all four feet are whitish, at least under the ankle joints and knee. Patterns of the blank markings, which usually take the shape of large dots.

As a rule, the scalp is covered with darkness, except for a face marking-blleess, stripes, stars or scissors. The majority of Tobianos can be either black or red. Most of the time the sight is too darkness. Whiteness develops on the horse's bottom (belly) and will hardly ever intersect the horse's back between the back and wither.

In general, at least one and often all four feet are obscured. In general, the whites are uneven and rather sprinkled or sparkling. Most of the marks on the heads are either blank, often bare, aprons or engine bonnets. Overos can be either mostly black or mostly knows. Usually the eye is a little bit drunk. Typically, marks are on the abdomen and seem to spread from the abdomen to the outside as spots that are speckled and x-rayed, with jagged margins.

Truncated lines of bone are often visible along the front or back of the bone. That face usually has a little bit of whiteness. Many of the people who see Shabino have darker, bluer and darker colours.

Sabino's can be all or almost purely whitish (they appear to be thoroughly roasted), although they usually keep a small spot of pigmentated stain. There will be both Obo and TOBILO colour samples on this horse. Darker pigments around the ear that can extend to conceal the brow and/or eye area. Either or both of your eye blues.

There is a deep pigment around the lips, which can spread to the sides of the face and cause stains.

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