Spotted Saddle Horse Farms

Stained saddle horse farms

Safe for beginners, family approved, powerful trail horses. Excellent selection of Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses for Sale. Explore Spotted Saddle Horses sold on America's largest horse market. The Spotted Saddle Horse, the third of these new breeds of gaited horses, is a mixture of Spanish and American Pinto horses. The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association*Membre à vie*.

Stained saddle ponies

The Spotted Saddle Horse, the third of these new strains of gangsters, is a mixture of Spaniards and Americans. Tennessee related to the Tennessee Walking Horse, this race is a mixture of Standardbreds, Missouri Fox Trotters, Mustangs, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos and Racingorses. Facts about spotted saddle horses: Rocky Mountain Horse has about 15 average heels.

The colour zone is spotted whitish, with at least one dot in the middle between the elbows and the breast. Swallow the cock with a point of two inch or more. Top marks do not contain the necessary staining. Leg colour above the ankle or knee. For more information please contact the Verband der Fleckensattelpferdezüchter und Aussteller.

One of Star Lane's best studs, Fairwind's Destiny, and many of our other sales horse breeds immortalize one or more of these beautiful lines.

Colour samples make each horse individual.

Colour samples make each horse individual. Colours range from almost monochrome to almost monochrome and include all the colours known in the equestrian industry. Normally the tobacco has a whitish design over the spinal column which extends downwards between the ear and the caudal plane in a clearly defined design.

End marks will be like on a monochrome horse - monochrome or with blesse, stripes, stars or scissors. In general, all four feet are generally covered in blank, at least under the ankle joints and elbows. Seldom does the tobacco piano have more than one or two coloured hindquarters. Patches are usually regularly and pronounced as oval or round pattern extending across throat and breast.

Often the horse has the deep colour on one or both sides. Either a tobacco piano can be black or it can be red. Well, a tobacco piano must have a mother who is a tobacco piano. Whiteness occurs on the bottom of the horse and will hardly ever intersect the horse's back between resist and wither.

In general, at least one, often all four limbs is the deep colour. Most of the header drawing is mostly blank, often bare, covered with an skirt or hood. In general, the whiteness is uneven, rather dispersed or tangy. As a rule, the tails are monochrome. For the most part, an overseas horse can be either predominantly black or purebred. Babino has a similar colour and pattern to Rock, but is different in genetics.

The basic colour of the fur is blended with curly hair, similar to rock, but often with overdrawing: high socks, curly face, stains. Basic colour (brown, sable, maroon etc.) is used by Babino for better identification: - i.e. "bay sabino", "chestnut sabino", etc. Tovero has both Tobian and Übero features.

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