Spotted Saddle Horse for Sale

Saddle horse for sale

Outstanding quality spotted saddle horses for trail, pleasure and show guarantees healthy and healthy. A royally bred horse with some of the most coveted bloodlines of the breed in his pedigree. This is Bucksking and White Spotted gelding.

Sell all spotted saddle horses Spotted saddle horses for trail, pleasure or show

Thought it would be great pleasure to split some of my trips with you. They are the same places where I practice and saddle all the horse I sell. I' m running over a bunch of wild animals in my horseback but I usually don't have the cameras on.

Here are some videotapes of them as I watch them. HollieAnna`s first really big drive away..... It is one of several places where I take many of my everyday "working" cows or anyone else to go horseback rides, because it is just too important and too much enjoyment.

A small annuity and I can horse all I want. Benefits for St. Jude's Hospital ~~~~~ Spring's beautiful is well on the way in Tennessee.... {\a6}Nice Tennessee Autumn Colours.....

Dotted saddle horse - public group association

Ruby's Apache Spirit (Ruby), DOB 5/26/12 (4 years old), SSHEBA reg. We' ve chosen to downsize our flock, so we're selling Ruby. He has completed 60 working day trails in early 2015. Not a goat, biting, kick or malice, very soft, likes to attract people' s eyes, likes to be sprinkled with the spray hoses, comes to the meadow, not aggressively in any way, low in the chopping order, charges and discharges itself lightly, great with the blacksmith, has always been barefooted (has great feet), rests still for climbing up and down, good for swimming and cycling.

Suitable for cliffy roads, in the sea, in silt, on sharp ascents and downhill. Beautiful slower pace that only improves over the years. She is still verdant and just needs a self-confident midfielder because of her lack of experience. She would make a great horse for projects because it's great to work with her.

Only for a caring, tender familiy. No kiddie horse because of her inexpertness.

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