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Close-equine Practice, Martyr Worthy, United Kingdom. You are here: Home| Stable Close-up of the horses Close-equine Stable is a 100% equine clinic offering high level vet services in Hampshire. Our four veterinaries are highly qualified in a broad spectrum of medical fields from equine sport to equine diseases, as well as equine and preventive health. Our company has high-quality, portable and portable ultrasonic and other diagnostics devices.

We' ve put a lot of money into the gear that allows us to take your horses to your farm whenever possible. We have a dedicated vet clinic in Hampshire with a staff of four full-time veterinarians.

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Spare check-in desk clerk (3 days/week - Tue/Thursday/Friday) needed by a quad veterinarian clinic on the edge of Winchester. We' re looking for an enthusiast, kind and dependable employee who can offer outstanding client services while remaining quiet under stress. It is fully headquartered and includes responding to phone calls, communicating with customers and other veterinarians, arranging arrangments, servicing and porting our four veterinarians working across Hampshire.

They must have an outstanding telephonic way and expertise in providing a high level of client service. For registrations we retain the right to close before the registration deadline.

Stall Close Veterinary Clinic: Winchester, SO23 9PR

Every effort is made to make sure that your animals receive the best possible attention and opportunities for a long and healthful one. The Stable Close Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1955. Throughout many years the hospital was primarily a hybrid surgery, but has developed into a pure small animals surgery. In order to make sure you have a good supply of top-notch services at nights, during the weekend and on public holiday, we have partnered with out of business hour service leader company Vacets Now.

Here are a few essential hints to help you take good charge of your new member of the family:

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