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Buy a huge selection of fine riding apparel and accessories, tack & equipment from the biggest brands around the globe. We at US Equestrian are committed to creating a safe environment for all our athletes, horses and riders alike. The Stable View is a new, first-class horse training facility that can be fully rented. Ride the Elk Equestrian Center &

Stables banner on the Elk River. Explore the new stable collections.

Safe stables and operation

US Equestrian

We at US Equestrian are committed to providing a safer and safer place for all our competitors, equestrians and horseowners. Our Safety Sport Guidelines for Humans help anyone to identify evidence of wrongdoing and teach the correct way of reporting. The rule book contains our numerous guidelines for the correct handling of equestrians.

The Suspense Schedule blames those who violate our guidelines for their acts. For more information about this part of our sports, please click on the following link. Find out more about SafeSport and how US Equestrian is protecting both people and equestrians. We kindly ask you to take a few moments to read the revised guidelines.

Access to this website constitutes your acceptance of all U.S. Equestrian guidelines.

Mid Island, New York

We' re happy to be able to provide a special anniversary event that can be reserved at any time of the year. Simply book your date for the event as soon as possible! For more information, see the "Birthday Party" page above, or click on the balloon below for more information. The course is for riders who want to know how to take good charge of the horses, how to glue them, how to remove the glue and how to manage and maintain them well.

It is a great opportunity for families and kids to study together. Encourages all age groups to come and study!

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Equestrian Centre is aimed both at members who own their own equestrian rides and those who just love recreational cycling. Located at 4,500 meters, the 22-stable equestrian centre and 40 acre of high country meadows and pads is a paradise for the equine world! Adjoining it is another 140 hectare equestrian area and kilometres of wonderful natural paths for riders and horseback-riders.

The stable has 22 stands, two saddle rooms, indoor and outdoor washbasins and a cosy members' lounges for relaxing after a long hike. Next to the stable there are horse ring for horse rider and jump. Affiliates benefit from personalised equestrian programmes supervised by some of North Carolina's best equestrian coaches.

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