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Stable Manufacturer | Monarch Reitställe

Founded in 1964 by Trevor and Russell Holliday, Monarch Equestrian is today one of the world's premier in-farmers. Committed to the quest for excellence and innovations, Monarch quickly gained an unrivalled fame for high standards and sturdy stalls that were not only attractive to look at and appealing to the environment, but also the high standards that were placed on them.

Over 50 years later, Monarch is still a small company in the heart of England. In the last 50 years, the range of products has expanded to include horse training machines, The Monarch Barn, Stocks, Solaria and other riding machines, all of which are produced to the same high standard.

All of them are enthusiastic horsemen who work together to ensure that the original work ethic always remains solid. Renowned, demanding horsemen and horse-owning professionals have built houses for their horse from old farmhouses, in which they have been able to captivate historical splendour with the practical applicability of beautiful stables thanks to Monarch's tailor-made designs.

The Carbon Ecofootprint is also very important for Monarch, who has been investing in a Westafrican initiative to ensure the ethically sound procurement of the best hard-wood for the further development of Monarch's stables.

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