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UAE's leading company for corporate, premium, business and promotional gifts. We" Stallion Gifts" would like to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of company gifts and promotional items. Buy the perfect stallion present from our large selection of designs or create your own personal gifts.

Saintallion Gifts Premiums LLC - Dubai: Gifts, Novelties, Promotional products

Gifts, business gifts are specialties of Stallion Gifts & Premiums LLC located in Dubai..... Founded in 2008, Stallion Gifts and Premium LLC is one of the premier distributors of gifts and promotions in the United Arab Emirates and supplies the domestic, provincial and global market.

Several of the companies specialized product lines are T-shirts, caps, key rings, leather folders, executive leather accessories, executive desktops, flash drives, computer accessories, pens, watches, parasols and much more. "We' re one of the biggest stockholders, distributors and producers of more than 250 different goods, including giveaways and a wide assortment of advertising items," says Anurag Jethani, Business Development Manager of Stallion Gifts and Premium LLC.

Stallion Gifts and Stallion LLC not only supply high-quality gifts and advertising articles, but can also imprint, stamp and stitch your own logos on each of their individual product. Stallion Gifts and premium LLC has earned an envious name in the industry as an affordable and renowned provider of gifts and innovations with such a broad portfolio of goods and ingenuity.

From Dubai, the Group was able to sell its exports to various re-export destinations, particularly in Gulf states such as Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Increasingly, the business exports its goods to many of Africa's key marketplaces - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia and Nigeria are some of the Africa where it regularly exports its wares.

The simple accessibility of a broad product portfolio at competitively priced levels has enabled the business to develop a client list that extends across many different countries. "Offering top of the line and competitively priced goods has enabled us to conquer a significant proportion of the re-export market on the Africa continent," says Anurag Jethani.

As export to Africa increases, Stallion Gifts and Premium LLC are now concentrating on further strengthening their client bases in Africa. Tires, rechargeable battery and lubricant of the label Zetex are enjoying growing success on the Africa automobile of... We are looking for agencies and distributers in new and developing countries in Africa.....

The world' s premier provider of tires, hoses, battery and lubricant solutions to the Africa market. Wholesaler, retailer and dealer of the biggest collections of gifts, news and giveaways in Dubai. Gifts like desktop executive sets, pens, T-shirts, gifts, watches, watches, bags, lanyards..... Producer of high-quality cosmetic prodcuts - among them hair and skin treatment as well as nails and nails.

We are looking for purchasers of cosmetic products in Africa. Full line of car parts, tires, battery and lubricant for the harsh and challenging riding environments of Africa. At A-MAP we are one of the world' s largest exporter of car parts and equipment for the Africa automotive industry..... Contacting Dubai based retailers who sell tires, tubing and battery products.

Importer in Africa are looking for new suppliers to satisfy the increasing demand for tires on the Africa market..... Guidance for the search for businesspartners, agencies, distributors within Africa market.....

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