Stallion Harness for Sale

Harness for sale

Horse Show Cart and Harness My horse loves to ride, that's why we sold Wilform Show Cart and Harness together as a package. Sire Tack Hengsttack is used in holster categories for various races, among them Gypsy Vanners, Drum Horse, Clydesdales, Shires, Dales Pony, Fell Pony, Highland Pony, Hackney Pony and Hackney Horse. Any stallion neck can be built to meet the needs of your race. The tacks are made of high-quality braun, schwarz or braunder.

There can be made with different colours of pat (contact us for availabilities of colours), chromium or brass/plastic hardware, and selection of ornaments according to the customer's wishes. Every stallion has the option between a show holster with detachable bridles, side rein, cruppers, back straps (with kidneys drop if your race demands it), scooter and leash.

Gypsy Vanner harnesses are also manufactured.

Stack & Equipment for sale

Selling it:: Harness and Showart My favourite horses are the horses, that's why we offered Wildform Show karts and harness together as a parcel. This car is an eye-catcher in 90 " shanks and a detachable cage. This harness is made of lacquered shiny satin. Both of these are only available as a flat rate offer.

$1,000 flat rate. When you have a stallion and want to send (or send) sperm, you may want to pick him up at your yard instead of taking him to a vet or herd. It was bought in mint conditions and was never used by us (perhaps not by anyone), it was always kept under lock and key and is in perfect state.

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