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Now you can offer all your horses for sale in India. Stallion Don De Marco (premium stallion) from Oldenburg for sale! Though white horses are bred in India especially for religious purposes, they are usually not included in Marwari stud books. A talented young stallion for self-education. A pure black Marwari stallion from Rajasthan, India.

This Rajasthan man is purchasing a horse for 1.11rds. Buy a Jeep Cherokee? Heigh!

Cozing up on the streets, a Pali natives has bought a horse for a juicy 1.11 rail. It is interesting to note that the horse is more expensive than the Grand Cherokee SUV with a price of 93.64 lek, which was introduced today. Akdawas Narayansinh bought the famous Marwari race from Bhawarsinh Rathod, another horse lover.

Narayansinh, who is a real estate and mine contractor, said he has long been trying to buy the horse Prabhat. She also has two females of the same race. It is interesting to note that a large number of purchasers - both nationally and internationally - have shown interest in prabhat in recent month.

Nearayansinh has taken extensive precautions for the care of the horse. Although he had two Marwari race ponies, he said that Prabhat has a place in hishearted. He' built two barns for Prabhat. One is a roofed barn, the other is intended for relaxing strolls.

In addition to the stalls, Narayansinh has also designed a horse pools based on UK-design. It has also recruited three people to take charge of the horse's needs. In addition to the fluffy conveniences, Narayansinh has also worked out an exlusive dieting programme for the stallion.

Foods such as maize, cereals, soy, dairy and even dese go into the horse's nutrition. Even after a swim with costly antiperspirant hair care products, Prabhat still gets a daily rejuvenation treatment. From now on the horse will be kept on one of Narayansinh's ranches, and he also has a plan to raise it.

Besides the maintenance of his life, he is educated by a French lady. "and Gangaur, a bay horse from Jodhpur. He' s also received awards at tournaments in Baltora, Pushkar and Ahmedabad," says horse specialist Dr. Ajit Rao.

Marwari is one of the most studied horse races in the wide range of horses. By the way, the horse of Maharana Pratap, Chetak, also belongs to the Marwari family.

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