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Horsemart Stallions for Sale Breathtaking high scholastic training horse with dying behaviour. Purebred Blue Book Lusitano sire. 11th and 11yrs gold Palomino 02hh and 11yrs old excellent temperprement simple and good in all ways a genuine...

.. This is a unique chance to buy a high-class Italian championship horse named Palomino Stallion. 6 years old with sportive physique 3hhh Listed at APHC UK and BApS- stallions.....

NEIGHTFIRE PHARRAHS PLING neightfire 15 years old (Teee Jay R/JMA Farrida)

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Completely recorded Shetland broodmare and foals. They are both Shetland Pony Society members. Prince, 32 inch approved and certified Shetland miniaturaine. Nine years old and broke to horseback riding and driving. Hymer's Flashlight, 30" approved Shetland sire. Dash is a breathtaking 6 year old mini Shetlandalbum. For sale only, because I have chosen to keep this year's filly.

This beautiful colt has to make room for a larger colt with new sires. Formerly Broken Arrow, BMHS approved BMHS out of Lookingglass line. The Blazefield Mickey is a certified and approved stud. Bought by Briar Shetland Show Stud Winners of the year 2014 Shetland Breeder of the Year.

Listed miniature Shetland Stute, Fox, 2002, 33,5". This is Builth Wells, miniature mares with fillies on feet. is an 11-year-old broodmare who has raised several beautiful colts. She has a beautiful marestoutfoal, sophisticated and striking with beautiful movements. Aesthete Prince of therieves, 31" Kastanie and Wei├čer tobiano and her mother is Mini Merlan Tullah, 33" dry lacnish spots.

"five-inch miniaturized coltino. Listed at the S.P.S.S.B.S. Has bred beautiful colts. He ran with 4 broodmares that are thought to be pregnant. She is 7 years old and 35 inch, she is full of stains and has beautiful long manes and tails.

Breaking to be used for riding and driving, she was used as a breeding horse. She' being rescanned as a filly to a spotted Shetland. Connoisseur filly, 18 years old, although she doesn't. In the past Poppy was used as a breeding filly, I took her with me in September last year, because we thought she was pregnant, and so we gave her a shelter.

Since then, we've had her checked and she's not pregnant. but I don't know if she's ever had anyone on her back before. 8 year old Shetland sire, approved stickgetter and registered breeding association-pass. A Shetland filly and foals that sell together. She is 9 years old, she is a very beautiful little girlfriend, is moving and has an animal ID card.

Your colt is a fillingy, beautifully drawn and calm to work with. Both are miniatures of Shetland, foals are 2 month old. Speckled stud, 12 years old, on the company for one year. He gave us a fillingy in his year. She' with the Shetland Company.

She'?s not broke to not be a small enough joiney to horse. Mary, Jenny ass and Jenny filly. 11-year-old Jenny with 6 weeks old Jenny filly. Qualitymag Sec A gold dune filly, 9 years old. Beautifully grown. She is Jenny Esel, she is 9 years old, she is very well tagged and very calm, children can use it.

She is fractured to be used for horse back and driving and goes very well, but was used for stud. Child leash or horse saddle stallion, 9 years old, was used in the horse training area. Released for a year for having a newborn. At 11hhh his father is Starborn Stormchaser, enrolled at the Britisch Scott Society.

A very good mother and lucky to be nourished and abandoned, but if you wanted to breed her, she would be the ideal herd. I' m selling the 7-year-old Welsh Section C paparazzi Brynseion. He would do a high-class riding or driving bangs, which can be done here at the buyer's cost.

Apple Gray Stud for sale. 1hhh, out of Vines breeding filly Elvis Andra purchased as a filly from his little mildew. Produces beautiful fillies, served in the hands or run out with broodmares. A well-stocked bunch. My dam is breathtaking (Pebbles) and I have a filly (Fidget). She has proved to be a great broodmare, but has been unemployed for 12 month and has the filly that was foaled at the beginning of April.

She has been managed by small kids and has never set a foothold incorrectly, she can be led out and is always a cute kind of filly. Supposedly riding and driving, but I didn't test it like it was in a bad way. Horse kind and quiet, guides, captivates, brushes everywhere, lifts out her toes.

Is a 13. Willow is very well breeded. In the past he was used as a broodmare. Beautiful bangs looking for a lovely home. 13hhhh filly, 6 years old, very well breeded, goes back to John Partts race. This is a really beautiful bangs to grow. Probably pregnant this one.

You should not miss this bangs, call for more information. ToYBY breeded a small 6 year old and very calmly. 13hhhh Stute, riding and riding or sharing your mother's daughters. Beautiful calm filly, who stands all morning to be excited. 7-year-old non-registered fur stud. Breathtaking bangs that have been kept in check and prepared for cycling.

Broke to horseback and chopped his way out. A really beautiful bangs inside and out. This beloved ponies sells very sadly. A young filly, 5 years old, so willing to be bred or rebred. Foals April bay from 15. and transforms into a true funky month.

I' m just sellin' to keep some fillies out of her. Murthwaite's father, Charellbre Saint Edward, a young and highly prospective sire. The Wansfell Tullisa is a characteristic fur pen with a lot of feathers and motion. It is registered with the Fell-Pony-Gesellschaft and equipped with a microchip. It will make an outstanding hunting buddy in the near term and will stand out in the show ring in the palm of the hands and under the horse.

She will give a great deal of joy when she is returned to work, her colt will be fit for weaning in about 10 to 12week. Rote bladdon Stute, very striking bay horse, 13.2-3hhh. She' s broke to horseback riding, she' s 7 years old, very calm. I had a pretty baydon filly last year.

8-year-old bay filly. Was used as a broodmare. Might be a nice ride or saddleback. 14hhh Reitstute, 7 years old this year. She' s a very stable filly, unimpressed and forward. They don't have to nag this filly all the time, they just like to go on with their big, heavier toes.

It' apt for a kid to horseback riding. Brought up a breathtaking big filly last year, not pregnant this year. Breathtaking all feathered and bony bayonet filly. Decreased for fast sale due to missing pasture. She is 8 years old, 14h sec T kind filly for sale. Extremely simple to handle, you can catches her on 100 mornings, picking up all her legs, washing and brushing her. shes a dose on a ropemar.

14hhhh dark brown American Paint 6 year old filly, easy to handle. Catterlen Sherry is 14 years old, she is a 14 hour super-heavy-weight licensed filly. She is a soft and friendly filly who loves kids. Over the years she has raised several beautiful colts and that was her primary task, but she is very glad that she can let off steam on a heel.

Beautiful manner and educated with the art of riding. This May Gypsy invited / traveled well to Sandringham' fundraiser trip and was an utter gem, galloping along large distances of tracts without excitement or too upset. This is a really thrilling bangs in the making. In the last year she was obviously unemployed because she was pregnant.

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