Standardbred Harness Horses for Sale

Harness for horses for sale

He is a very easy horse to ride. The sales reports provide information about harnesses by price, date and co-signatory of sale. They' re known for their ability to run at trot or pace. Shattered, great project for experienced personnel.

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Standard stud horse STAGBI, 15hhhh, b. 2005. In the next 2 working nights the filly will return to the year. A very inexpensive filly and good breed. isthon indigo, 16hhh, 10 years old, stud horse, very calm, STAGBI register. Standard filly, 6 years old. I have a top-class racing filly here, Vyrnwy Sarah, who is from beginning to end thoroughbred to the USA.

She' a top filly, she' s very light to work out, no tugging or anything. Stute is healthy in every respect, no clumps or unevenness. She is a 4th form on the course, so you can see what a good filly she is to be promoted to the classes.

She' s a very, very good filly. She is a top broodmush, she is from Back in the Saddle Pan, you all know the top racehorse from the USA. She is going to gain many more wins, she is so simple to make that you can't find any poor broodmares, but it's not as simple to find good broodmares as she does every single working weekday.

2,2 Poles to poles winner in York, if you are looking for a top filly from which you can grow or run here. She' s only 8 years old and healthy in every respect, which is a filly not to be overlooked. Broke her halter, she'll make a good racehorse. RJ LADY, standard breeding filly ready for harness racing, 9 years old, Stagbi register.

A very well breeded filly who finished in York in 2012 at the age of 3. Thoroughbred filly for sale, 14. is a 15hhh 8 year old standard broodmare. Darkness in the cove, breathtaking hacker to go home forever. Really heart-rending sale, because she is a beautiful and always ready to please!

As you can see, Ithon Queen is one of the prospects that a two-year old top quality filly will become a top mare foal. She' s only two years old, Unbreakable, her holster broke, only this way this fillingy is born. It is a thoroughbred USA tire from top to bottom.

Their dam was a top broodmare, Ithon Martha, by one of the best Yanke sires in the USA, Horse Laughter. She is a beautiful big filly and a very powerful fillingy in her foal box if someone wants to have a good one for the next year.

How can you raise a two-year old foal for this kind of cash? STAGBI books, all set for the 2019 campaign. A 3h STAGBI licensed brood mare. The mother on Chinatown Samuel (multiple winners with BHRC & W&BC, melodies in 1. 59) & Chinatown Beauty (race winner).

A full registration for Stagbit by Pana Fire, out of White Fire and a US mare Angel of the North. 1 hour hours old 1 year old Standard Bred Standard Bred stallion, 12 years old. Passed and recorded and microchiped stag bi. Completely raceable, has driven races this year and is prepared to join us today.

She is a very good training and racing horse, she has nice feet. She is a full jerk, as you can see on the pictures. She was registered for Musselburgh 2018. She is a top-class filly, which one should not miss, she is running on the lawn or on the field, the filly is running on everything.

Each picture of the broodmare was taken last night, pictures of her training and being. Influenza up to date all prepared to go out and have a lot of pleasure with and a stud and breeding like that. Hilton's Sams Lady, here she is, one of the best STAGBI broodmares.

She' s out of a top racing filly from Germany named Vickies Gold, who was by Divinator, this is half nurse to some offroad horses, she is half nurse to Pandora, dancing with Wolves, Fire Man Sam, Handsome Sam, Jolean, all Top King of the Way Victor.

She is a mare foal that has been raised as a champ, has neat feet, is clearly labeled like a road chart, a beautiful mare foal. Beautiful big, powerful Filly, if you are looking for a first rate foal, she is willing to go. Beautiful pacemaker, very quick.

The Mypanmar is at the Builth Wells, Mid Wales stallion school. 3, winners of $1. 48 million & 44 events, race against the biggest horses of his breed (including Mister Big & Lis Mara). This is the quickest and wealthiest standard bred that has ever stood at Wales Stable. Don't miss the chance to get your filly into one of the best studs in the UK.

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